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  1. Costa Rican YZ450F

    15'-16' vs previous generation

    Just to emphasize what Honda said, I own a 16 and my buddy owns a 14 and yesterday I let him ride mine for a few laps and the first thing he said was it's so easy to ride referring to the power delivery and how smooth it is. I have the HardPack mapping on, which states,"controlable low end power, slower revving and longer pulling". I feel that it allows me to be more confident giving it gas out of corners.
  2. Costa Rican YZ450F

    Not so friendly reminder to wear your helmet

    My condolences Tex so sorry for you loss and I want to say thank you for your advice I'll never do it again. Just today after washing my bike a took it for a spin to fully dry off with no helmet and actually though to myself that if I fell I could crack my head. This just reinforced the message for me, never again. Thanks for sharing
  3. Costa Rican YZ450F

    2014-2016 yamaha yz450f cornering/turning

    I'm by no means a suspension guy, but I've toyed around with my '16 YZ450F and find it to work best with me at 95mm and Forks showing 4mm to the cap.
  4. OK thanks, tomorrow I'm going to first try to take out 2 more clicks of LS comp and tighten up the HS comp. Could this have a positive effect on it?
  5. Thanks KXJIM Here is may dilemma, last week I started at race sag 105 then kept making 1/4 turns stiffer to feel the changes I love how the rear feels with more Sag it's plush not aggressive and doesn't kick back, but turns horrible for me. After trying less and less Sag I got to a point where I liked how the bike turned 95ish, but the rear was harsh and aggressive and kicked. I took out LS comp also played with HS comp and tighter Reb but I can never get it to feel the way I like it. Is this something I have to choose between? Either better turning bike with harsh rear or plush rear but not so sharp turning bike? Thanks again
  6. Costa Rican YZ450F

    Dr D Full Pipe Flange ?

    I have a DRD full as well on my '16 it's a little of pain to fully install in my opinion. I checked the instructions for you, said you can use the stock gasket if not damaged. I used the stock one, I've had no problems with mine here are pics on how sits with the flange.
  7. Costa Rican YZ450F

    noise from brand new bike help

    Same here my 16' does it from day one and I've never had a problem.
  8. Awesome article, can someone help me clear this up I'm confused? If I have 102 of race sag and go to 98 but feel the rear harsh so I back off 1 or even 2 clicks of comp did I just counter the preload adjustment? Since before I felt a pronounced feeling of being forward but now with the comp change I feel the same as 102 sag? I hope you can understand what I mean, thanks in advance.
  9. Costa Rican YZ450F


    Thanks Monk, I had a 50t laying around and you convinced me to install it. Your right it's even better for pulling 3rd, I don't think I'll go back to the 49t again. Next Saturday I'll try it at a longer track that will be the true tester for me.
  10. Costa Rican YZ450F


    I've used several, right now I'm using the MXA aftermarket exhaust one, it was developed with DR.D owner Doug Dubach. I do get a few lean pops when I go off a jump and blip the throttle, but other then that it does make the bike more lively. Also we have a dry season here I've used the hard packed one too and it definitely mellows the bike on the initial throttle response but you don't lose power up top. One thing I definitely feel that's a must is a 49t rear, unless your a fast B or A rider it helps me pull 3rd and 4th much easier. Let me know what you use.
  11. Costa Rican YZ450F


    I own a 2016 as well, from my understanding the ECU mapping in the 2016 is not the same as the 14' nor 15' that's way the maps are different. Here are the maps I've found for the '16 I'm using the aftermarket exhaust one, I have the full Dr.D, also an article posted my MXA states,"That said, the 2016 Yamaha YZ450F stands apart from its two brethren in that the cam change and 3% leaner mapping fill in the bottom of the powerband where the previous YZ450Fs were weak."
  12. Costa Rican YZ450F

    Best looking bike contest*************

    2016 YZ450F, trying to keep the stock look
  13. FYI to the '16 YZ450F owners MXA updated this article to show the mapping they came up with for aftermarket exhausts, they state they worked with DR.D owner Doug Dubach. http://motocrossactionmag.com/news/ask-the-mxperts-can-you-map-my-2016-yamaha-yz450f-for-me
  14. Costa Rican YZ450F

    2016 yz450f aftermarket exhaust

    I hear ya Monk, the exhaust is more like a bling factor though it does free up the engine a bit. You can find the Dr.D full NS-4 for just over $325 and the the power tuner for $200. Thumbs up on the tuner it really helps. I feel you'd have to be a hell of a rider to out ride the stock suspension, it's pretty good if your in the target weight range.
  15. Costa Rican YZ450F

    2016 yz450f aftermarket exhaust

    This is a good article on different pipes for the '14 with different skill level test riders. I own '16 with Dr.D and love it, never felt that I lost power anywhere and gained everywhere plus bike feels more lively http://motocrossactionmag.com/news/searching-for-the-ultimate-2014-yz450f-exhaust-pipe