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  1. getfast125

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Just picked it up, gotta get rid of the mirrors and stuff soon. Also have a Hypermotard, need to get some good pictures of it.
  2. getfast125

    My new/old 300

    Nice bike, I love those things. They are hard to find, at least around here.
  3. getfast125

    Bike for 10yr old

    I also came from a PW80 to an 85, in my case a YZ. It was a big adjustment but it was a fun bike for me at the time.
  4. getfast125

    What Bike After a KX100?

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. I'm open to 4 strokes. I ride mostly in the woods, GNCC type stuff, can get very technical. I looked at a KTM105, but when I sat on it, it seemed to be the same height as my 100. I thought the KX125 was the lowest 125, I'll have to look into the KTM 125 a little more; and i completely forgot about the 144. My biggest concern is power and height. The last 4 strokes I had were a TTR125L which was slow to me, and 2 CRF150s, also slow, even the one which had different gearing. So I'd need a 4 stroke that can be as fun power-wise as the 2 strokes I've been on. Thanks again for the suggestions, will be looking into them.
  5. Currently I have a 2009 KX100. The bike is great and the reason I got it is because I had an 2003 RM100, & decided I wanted to try to get on a 125. I sold the RM100 & got a 2003 KX125. Now, let me tell you that I'm a 5'4, 115lb female. I didn't put enough weight on the bike, so I had balance issues & could barely pick the bike up when I dropped it in the woods. I felt like I was tip-toeing through trails on the 125 because of the height & awkwardness. Considered lowering it but the bike felt wide to me even after riding it quite a few times. I did alright with it but I definitely was uncomfortable and not at ease. It felt wide so I didn't bother lowering it. I sold it instead, got a quad for a little while, then decided I needed to go back to a bike. That's where my 09 KX came in. I've had the bike for a while now & it was easy getting back on it. I'm considering selling it for something else because I'm bored with it. I haven't used it much since I got it. It's a fun bike, but I definitely do not have that experience of seeing what your bike is capable of. There is no sense of newness for me. So, what bike CAN I get? I've been out of the dirtbike loop a little bit so maybe someone has something to suggest that I haven't thought of. I can go with a bike that's a little higher than the 100, but obviously not the same height as a 125. I'm open to 4 strokes. The power output of the new bike has to be something like my KX100 if not more as I'm used to the peppy-powerband that bike has. I've looked into a KTM105 before getting my KX; it was basically the same height for me. I like them a lot but I'm not sure if it's worth it for me to switch to. I also know a KDX200/220 is too tall for me. I ride in the woods where I need to have good footing, or else these bigger bikes would be okay! So given that, does anyone have any suggestions? Or am I asking for the impossible? Thanks for any help!
  6. getfast125

    Where can I get truck MX stickers

    If stickers in general will work, you can email places that make parts and ask for free stickers. Tell them what you plan to do with it; say you want to put the stickers on your bike/new truck/etc blah blahblah, suck up to them a little bit but be brief. This is how I've gotten most of my stickers and I have a few of them on my truck.
  7. Our bikes take some abuse but my dad being the clean-freak that he is, wants everything to look near-new at the end of the day so he has me clean up the bikes. A pressure washer is a HUGE help. It helps you to get in those tough spots, especially around the motor and wheels. This is what I first do. Then I go and actually wash the bike. Just a quick wipe down. Hose it off, then with a toothbrush, I get in all the fine areas, maybe with some WD40 to get stuff loose (if it's an ok area to use it, that is!). Pressure wash the fine areas again and that's pretty much it. Can't do anything about damage but the bikes always look nice and clean when I'm done with them. Also, please don't use armorall. I've seen this done so many times and it just boggles my mind. Using it on your tires is pointless and only asking for trouble, same with putting it on your seat. It may look nice but it's just ridiculous.
  8. getfast125

    Help With Birthday Gift?!

    Thanks for all the extra input. Smacaroni, nah he's pretty much only into the bike-stuff as far as anything sports related goes. Gloves are a good idea! Hi im sean; thank you He has bits of pieces of riding stuff for the streetbike, like jacket and helmet...and I think that may be all. I'm pretty much leaning towards boots as of right now since I'd imagine they're jsut as important on a streetbike like they are in the dirt. If he had the dirtbike already, which is becoming a huge work in progress, I'd set up gear for that. But I'm not even sure if he'll have a bike anytime soon. I'm also looking into the track day stuff pretty seriously too. If it doesn't work out for the bf, I may push my dad to get out there and give it a go. The gear is an issue though for the bf, since I'm pretty sure he doesn't have everything he'd need. So, as of right now I'm leaning towards the boots. Problem with that is he's a half size. So I guess just rounding up would work? Thanks again!
  9. getfast125

    Open Track Days in the Area (streetbikes...)

    Thanks for the info! Slidin, if you have experience with Millville in NJ, do you know how they run things? Is it worth the 3 hours (one way) of driving to get there? Also, is it just a ton of instruction and not much riding time? Aside from actually finding a track day and where to buy, etc etc, I need to figure out if it's worth it, knowing how both of them are! Thanks again everyone, I appreciate it! Checking out links now.
  10. getfast125

    Help With Birthday Gift?!

    Thanks for the link, going to see if there's anything doable here on the east coast.
  11. Sorry this isn't related to dirt. If anyone can help me out that'd be great. I'm looking into buying an open track day thing for both my boyfriend & father. I live in CT (so do they), so I was wondering if there are any semi-close tracks that do open track days? Also how do they work; do you just buy it and can go out there? I imagine they give some sort of instruction of course, but I'm just wondering if it's going to be a whole process to get on the track itself; which wouldn't be worth it to them.... I was at Millville in NJ a few weekends ago for the AMA racing, that was a little far but I don't think unreasonable. It was about 3 hours, which is the max distance I think they'd be willing to do. Do they do open track days for motorcycles there, does anyone know? Is it worth it on a bike? Google is confusing me so was wondering if someone maybe has some 1st hand experience. Thanks.
  12. getfast125

    Unadilla Mud n' Ruts (pics)

    Every year I forgot about Unadilla, I live close and always want to go, just lose track of the date, darnit!! Nice close-up shots, looks like it was really tough out there. Nice and muddy!
  13. getfast125

    Help With Birthday Gift?!

    Thanks for the ideas! How can you go about buying a track day? That would probably go over really well. He already has a steering stabilizer on the r6 (plus he's selling soon for an R1), but if he didn't I'd definitely consider that. YamaMama, I think I may do the GC route for that; he basically said to me yesterday he had some boots on hold already, ..yea I didn't think he had hook ups on the dirt-side of things too. So all that's left for gear is really street stuff, I think. Oh and Valerie, I really like your idea. I always bake and stuff for people's birthdays and try to make it a tradition type of thing. I just feel bad since I've yet to get him anything. I agree though, I'd rather have the tradition thing and just a nice day vs. gift. Thanks again! If there is anything else, let me know!
  14. getfast125

    Stolen Bike :( Ct

    Really sorry to hear that. Where abouts in CT do you live? Will keep an eye out in the classifieds and all, hope you can find it & who did it. What scum.
  15. getfast125

    New ideas on new case of nerves?

    I think you need to keep it in mind that you are going to fall. THe best thing you can do, besides knowing that, is knowing what to do while you're crashing/falling to minimize possibly injury. I've taught many people to ride. When they ask if they're going to fall, I'm quick to tell them yes. Learning from your mistakes is what makes you better. Of course crashing is not a light issue and serious injury can occur. Just don't ride over your head. Once you're doing something you're not used to, you'll make small mistakes that aren't crashing; they vary for everyone. That's your signal to take it down a notch or two, and ease into things. Don't think about the crashing or falling either. Focus on what you're doing right then and there. Focus on those in front of you and what they're doing. Keep up with them, and make it a goal if they're pushing. When I was younger and learning, I was afraid to fall again if I just recently did. My dad purposely would ride in front of me and force me to pick things up to keep up with him. I don't mean he rode in as fast as possible on a YZ400 while I was killing my RT100 motor to keep up. Since your family notices a change, have them stay in front and "push" you in a way. It really does help. It totally changed my focus, and helped.