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  1. If it's a heim bearing inside which it most likely is you don't want to lube that one up. You can take a flat head screwdriver you should be able to knock out the two covers and see what kind it is. Heim bearings have a plastic race in between the ball and the body that will break down if grease is introduced. I made that mistake on my yz250 shock and it developed play and was super loose.
  2. I don't know of any other shops in sac but there is also Boykin Suspension in Modesto
  3. Clutch basket broke both times and then I think the top end got pieces into it. I almost wonder if the design they used with the little fingers having that extra thick part on the top is acting like a weight and wants to spread the posts out from spinning and thus snaps them off, it seems to be like that in each of the photos and breaks off
  4. My friend had his go twice and take his motor out both times. Bike barely had 50 hours on it too
  5. The 33 is supposed to replace the 3S so they won't be around much longer
  6. I use those in my air brakes, never really noticed and sort of depth perception issues and they fit most all goggles with the same insert I believe
  7. The forks do take a little more work but they're really not too bad. There's lots of youtube videos that show how to tear apart the forks and I definitely recommend a clean working area as well as getting the right tools for the fork cap which aren't too expensive. I always recommend using oem seals and bushings and oem for everything really. Oil is 5wt at 350cc in the outer chamber and as long as its a good quality oil like belray or maxima you'll be fine. They make look intimidating but once you've done it a few times it's incredibly simple. Just follow the youtube videos and you'll be fine.
  8. Nah that's the older air box with the ufo kit. It would definitely be beneficial to know his weight as well as what springs are in it currently.
  9. If you ride tracks I wouldn't even say they're dead but trails they're less common due to the green and red sticker season.
  10. Sounds like you lost all dampening which probably means the cartridge seal is bad or it has actually separated itself. If you get the forks apart you can check if the cartridge seal is blown by just pushing on the dampening rod and if it returns to fully extended it's fine but if it doesn't move back at all the cartridge seal is done. If it's completely separated you could probably see threads between the silver and brown parts of the cartridge where they screw together.
  11. Thanks for the help guys, just freaked me out when I saw it and dont remember it from before haha
  12. She's far from falling apart haha. That's what I was figuring it's just a really gnarly casting mark to me
  13. That's what it looks like but I've never seen oil leaking out of it
  14. It runs all the way to the mating line of the two halves so idk. I run mx and haven't felt like buying one
  15. I was washing my yz250 and I noticed underneath the engine there's like a gash on it, I haven't noticed any leaks or anything so I dont know if its normal or a crack forming or what.
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