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  1. DirtyRugs

    Lets see the RMZ's

    2010 rmz250
  2. DirtyRugs

    What Bars Have The Most Rise?

    I'm also 6'3 and got some renthal cr high twinwalls. Just scooted them forwards till it felt good. I was planning on getting a tall seat for my cr250 but these bars made me feel way more comfortable.
  3. DirtyRugs

    Post pics of your CR's

  4. DirtyRugs

    Post pics of your CR's

    When I bought it a few weeks ago and how it sits now. Still have a bunch of things I want to do to it.
  5. DirtyRugs

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I am also looking to place a big order and looking for a Rocky Mountain discount code. I will repay as soon as order comes in.
  6. DirtyRugs

    2015 Husqvarna Motorcycles Unveiled

    Identical bikes
  7. DirtyRugs

    Hand Guards

    Enduro Engineering makes the hand guards for Moose and MSR just rebranded. That's why all the shields are interchangeable.
  8. DirtyRugs

    Hand Guards

    I picked up some MSR wrap arounds with Berg shields at my local husaberg/ktm shop.
  9. I think people over exaggerate the Pds on high speed whoops. If your a good rider and set the bike up properly these disappear. I too came off a YZ 250 and opted for the 14 te 300 same as xcw for my type of riding. The Berg doesn't hit as hard initially but pulls longer in every gear.
  10. Or you can get one of these!
  11. Why get a 250 motocross bike just to make it a 300xc? Making that sx into a 300 is gonna cost more than you would of paid for the 3 hundo.
  12. What's the difference besides the pipe guard? Sorry on the 2014 models