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  1. VI_DirtRider

    2009 DR650 choke cable is stuck in carb

    OK, a little progress... took the top off the carb and she was pretty dirty inside. I started sliding the choke plunger in and out with a tiny screwdriver, spraying carb cleaner on it each time, and eventually I got it out. Time for a carb rebuild. Lesson learned: clean and re-oil the carb vent filter EACH TIME you clean/oil the main air filter!
  2. VI_DirtRider

    2009 DR650 choke cable is stuck in carb

    Hi all Recently I found that when I start my DR, I can't move the choke control all the way down - it sticks about half way. So I tried to take the choke cable off the carburetor to have a look. I can unscrew the plastic "nut" that holds the cable onto the carb, but I can't pull the choke plunger out of the carb. I've tried wiggling it back and forth but I don't want to apply too much pressure and end up breaking something. Anyone have suggestions on how to get this thing out?
  3. VI_DirtRider

    DR650 gas mileage seems to have got worse

    Hi all, about 18 months ago I bought a used 2009 DR650 and did some fixes to it including a Dynojet stage 2 jet kit. With my Clarke gas tank I was getting about 280 km (175 miles) range before I had to switch to reserve. Bueno. I just checked my gas range again last week and I got about 220 km (135 miles) before switching to reserve. No bueno! The tank holds 3.7 gallons, or about 14 litres. I should be getting about 280 km range, right? I should have been checking my range a little more frequently I guess. Just trying to think of things that have changed recently on the bike: Added a Scottoiler which is connected to the vacuum port on the carburetor Had the valves clearances set by a local shop. I did them myself when I first got the bike but I set them too loose Can't think of anything else other than regular oil changes and cleaning the air filter. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  4. VI_DirtRider

    KLX250 turns over slowly

    So... it turns out we didn't really fix the problem, we just got lucky and it started relatively quickly. We put a brand new battery in it, and we went back and cleaned up ALL the electrical connections in the battery / solenoid / starter motor circuit just to be sure. No improvement - still cranks slowly. Checked all the cables, they are in great shape with no fraying or corrosion. So now I think it's down to either the starter motor, or the auto compression release. Anything else we should be looking at? We turned it over with and without the spark plug installed. Here are the videos: KLX250s turns over slowly with spark plug installed KLX250s turns over normally with spark plug removed What do you guys think? Did we learn anything from these tests?
  5. VI_DirtRider

    KLX250 turns over slowly

    So, we took a look the bike today. Battery ground connection looked OK, but we took it off and cleaned it up anyway. Sanded the terminal and the mounting point on the engine case with some emory paper and put it all back together. Guess what - problem solved! You called it S10gto! Thanks for the help.
  6. Yeah definitely do the jet kit. Since you've added the aftermarket exhaust and removed the airbox snorkel it's running even more lean than stock. The jet kit will give you a nice power boost for very little extra $$$.
  7. VI_DirtRider

    KLX250 turns over slowly

    Forgot to mention - we jumped the bike from another battery and it still did the same thing. So I don't think the battery is the problem, but you're right it's worth another look just to make sure. Thanks!
  8. VI_DirtRider

    KLX250 turns over slowly

    Hi all after sitting for about a year, my friend's 2009 KLX250S turns over very slowly when you hit the starter button. It does eventually start and run, but since the bike has no kickstarter he's concerned about getting stuck in the woods. Battery and regulator are almost brand new (18 months old). We checked all the wiring to the starter motor - it's OK. Checked the starter solenoid by bypassing it - no change. Had a shop remove, disassemble, and check the starter motor itself. OK. Now we're wondering what to look at next. Any suggestions? I understand that this bike has an automatic compression release for starting - is that something we should check? If so, how? I should mention that this bike has a Bill Blue 351cc big bore kit on it. But I don't think that is the source of the problem, the kit has been on it for about 4,000 kilometers and never had trouble starting until now. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
  9. VI_DirtRider

    What kind of fork is this?

    I'm a Beta noob. I just bought a 2015 300RR, planning to change the springs for my weight. I assumed it came with Sachs forks but the fork cap on my bike doesn't match the one shown in the Sachs service manual. Can anyone tell me which forks are on my bike? Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. VI_DirtRider

    Feedback requested - is the 2011 TE310 a reliable bike?

    Thanks everyone for your responses! I had not considered that I would be giving up some perfomance going from a 300cc 2-stroke to 4-stroke. I ended up swapping my 300XC for a licensed WR300 so I am all set.
  11. Hi all Due to the evolving legal situation here in British Columbia Canada, I'm looking to trade in my offroad-only bike(s) and switch to street-legal dirt bike(s). I love my KTM 300XC and it occurred to me that the Husky TE310 might be a close match for off-road capability. I found a used 2011 for sale, so I'm appealing to the online community for feedback about their experience with this machine. Is it a good bet? What good & bad things should I look for if/when I view the bike and test ride it? Thanks in advance everybody!