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  1. If you want a bike that performs well in sand, and everywhere, the DR is not it! Don't get me wrong, great bike but if you ever try a KTM, it will be a $10,000 test ride.
  2. I agree, the bike I want doesn’t really exist My DRZ, even with a pumper, did not perform better that my my DR, which is actually a good street bike for what it is. DRZ better off road for sure.
  3. I am also in Colorado (Montrose) 1. I did the standard fully-monty mods on my stock carb (lots of resources out there, but I drilled slide, cut spring, went up 3-4 sizes on the main, ground the needle myself for a totally different taper and cut the air box. Results were amazing. Now will do small power wheelies, amazing grunt off the bottom. (also added fmf Q silencer) (I think I got lucky with grinding my needle. If you are not feeling lucky order a JD kit or research KTM needle) I also lowered gearing by one in the front (equal to about 2 1/2 larger sprocket in the rear) 2. However, I LOVE low end snap and have now ordered a TM40-6 carb (Amazon) and an adapter kit from ebay, (MXdude I think, from Netherlands) and for about $300 should have a new pumper carb that will dramatically give better throttle response. No carb really add HP, but it you can optimize the bikes potential and bring out the 650 thumper beast that the stock jetting and gearing hides pretty well. Yup, we all give our opinions, and one person thinks the bike has plenty of power and another tries to get as much as possible. I am more of the too much power is just enough kinda guy, but the DR is the DR. Check out my latest post to "when did you discover the DR was a great bike" thread and you can see my take and see many opinions on why people love the DR, and how differently we can all perceive the power needs of a rider.
  4. New TM40-6 on Ebay. What will it take to make this work on my 2009 DR650? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mikuni-TM40-6-TM-Series-Flat-Slide-Carburetor/352283433567?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  5. I have a BDR trip planned for New Mexico, and I live and ride in Dual Sport Heaven (western Colorado). I am currently planning to use my DR650 for this ride, but it really lacks off road. I recently read about the RR-S family, considering either a 390 or 430. Currently ride a KTM 300, KTM 1190S and DR650. This would replace the DR, which I am really trying to use as a lightweight adventure and dual sport. I have tried to get a dual sport/lightweight adventure I can live with that will allow me to do 30-60 mile road rides, and still be good off road, and be OK in town. I have a super short inseam and on my 300 I don't care, but dual sporting it can be more of problem. (Luggage, extra weight, getting on and off a lot, etc.) I have tried several options and settled on the DR650 with upgraded supsension, but obviously it is lacking performance and is quite heavy off road. It's a great road and town bike, and I love the lower seat height for every day riding. I have tried: DRZ400-too boring, and not good on road at all. An OK compromise but short on performance all around. KTM 350 (my xcw with higher gearing) Not enough torque at high altitude for fun off-road with higher gearing, and was no joy on the road. Considered a KTM 500 or Yamaha WR450, but tall and not great on road, and not really meant for longer adventure rides. Seems like a 430 RR-S (or the 390 but I like torque) would be a good bike for me, IF it can lowered a bit, and if it can work as an adventure bike. I would love a bike that was close to my 300 off road and closer to the DR on road. Thoughts?
  6. My xplore forks were awful: No adjustability, no rebound, big time brake dive. With a revalve they are NIGHT and DAY, all for $150 (I did not need new springs) I can go as fast as I dare and they never let me down, and ride really really rocky stuff too. I love them now.
  7. Future Shox in Phoenix did my 4CS and Explor and love them. Give Bob a Call. Very reasonable cost
  8. Yes, 50:1. What oils have a lower flash point than Amsoil Dominator? Thanks
  9. 2017 300 xcw with RK tek modified head. Lectron is running great, not too rich on metering rod (bottom end) for sure. (I adjusted it until I got a lean bog then richened a bit) Running Amsoil Dominator oil, Way too much oil out the back. Bike runs well but it drives me a bit crazy. Was riding Moab so a big mix of riding, including getting on the pipe quite a bit. Could a SX CDI be needed with head mod? Hotter Plug? (stock is a 7, is an 8 hotter?)
  10. All 300s from at least 2005 until 2016 came with a 36. I owned 2. They were not under carbed. KTM only went to 38's on the 2017, and it certainly was no magic bullet in terms of improvement.
  11. What are you looking for in silencer? No Q-stealth for 17 Old style Turbine core is cost effective, with good (non screen) SA, can spooge up easily and is pretty raspy sounding. I just sold mine (which I bought used and didn't really like) Powercore has no SA Turbine Core 2.1 is longer, larger, perhaps a bit mellower and deeper, and might offer smoother throttle response, but most expensive Pro circuit makes great 2t pipes, but their silencers seems a little less quality than FMF I like the stock pipe, but need SA and don't want to deal with a cheap screen, so I went TurbineCore 2.1 Same discount price everywhere I looked.
  12. come ride with us at 8,000 feet, when we start at 28 degrees and it's 70 and 11,000 feet when we finish.
  13. all true, but Gnarly pipe, not fatty
  14. Can someone describe "pipe bang" What does it sound like? I am getting a "rattle" on decel from 1/4 or so throttle. Richened up the bottom end and it got worse. It's not very loud though, and it is intermittent
  15. This! Motion Pro cable, cheap insurance