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  1. 1993/2004

    Help with cold weather riding

    If you are going to be wearing giant goggles and a ski mask why not just get a full faced helmet for the winter? If your not riding in mud all the time it wont be an issue.
  2. 1993/2004

    how fast can a honda xr650l go ?

    LOL, hey i can pedal pretty fast! However, I think that even with 27 speeds I would still be lacking unless I was coming down one hell of a long decline :-P
  3. 1993/2004

    grease for sprocket splines

    secnahc ruoy sekat dna yennom ruoy syap ouy sseug i. tekcorps R056 eht gninnur osla mi
  4. 1993/2004

    grease for sprocket splines

    Both mine look perfect Like I said there was no difference between the 2. If you want some actual good advice get the 650r sprocket.
  5. I bet you would LOL In all fairness the 93 had an electrical gremlin that took quite a bit to track down and the 04 needed a new rear fender and brake light, also both mirrors and a clutch handle. It was funny the 04 was in this old guys kitchen, he was about 5 foot 5 and had dumped it on both sides, no real damage. It had less than 2k miles on it.
  6. 1993/2004

    how fast can a honda xr650l go ?

    One of these 2 will go 136, the other is good for about 85 on a good day :-P
  7. I paid 700 for the 93 and 1100 for the 04. What makes these bikes nice is not having to pay much.
  8. 1993/2004


    I think that price is a bit steep. Key words, barn find & crated have always indicated bull%hit... also was too much for previous owner??? plus has a video of the guy running it around a track........... I personally would skip it. I see ones plates here in AZ from around the high 2s to mid 3s all the time. The last one looked like it just rolled off the showroom floor and it was 3100.