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  1. motoxrider969

    How much is 2004 xr 250 worth?

    Sold for 2000, hopefully all the hard work I put into it gets appreciated and maintained!
  2. motoxrider969

    How much is 2004 xr 250 worth?

    Thanks for the info everyone. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't asking too little.
  3. motoxrider969

    How much is 2004 xr 250 worth?

    There are no title's issued in the state of connecticut for dirtbikes, and they only require a bill of sale to sell in ct. But i am the original owner, bought it new off the floor.
  4. motoxrider969

    How much is 2004 xr 250 worth?

    Hey all, I'm going to be selling my 04 xr 250 and was wondering what they have been going for. I haven't seen any listed in my area lately so I've got nothin to compare to. Well maintained, 277cc kit, new sprockets, chains, brakes. Any input is appreciated.
  5. motoxrider969

    Xr250 valve problems?

    If you cleaned the jets out inside the carb you may have pushed something into the pilot jet, it is a very small hole and gets clogged easily. Try taking it back apart and using a small piece of wire to clean out the passage. Make sure all the jets are free of debris and see if that gets you anywhere.
  6. motoxrider969

    XR400-Lowering Ride Height

    Im 5'4" 135 and all I did was lower the forks a little, set the sag correctly, and shaved the seat foam. Ridden for years with no problems and the seat never bothers me. Handling is still plenty good for what I do. This is on a 250, I am not sure if the heights are different between 250 and 400, but you are also 3" taller.
  7. motoxrider969

    New xr400 4 sale craigslist

    I dont know what he means by title in hand, dirtbikes in connecticut dont come with a title. And it doesnt look like it has everything needed to be registered for on road use, but has some kind of plate on that fender? If the mileage is correct it would be a good deal either way.
  8. motoxrider969

    what heli coil to use for 2002 XR250?

    A quick searched show it is 10x1 and that people prefer time sert over helicoil, but have had success with both.
  9. motoxrider969

    XR400 seat shave

    I did this on my 04 xr250 seat. I took off about an inch of foam and made a step-up at the back(not a gradual taper). It may have sacrificed a little bit of comfort but I never noticed it when on long rides. I kept my ride height and was able to keep the suspension set correctly. I just removed the seat cover, used a hacksaw blade to get the bulk of the material off and then used a sanding pad to smooth it out and stapled the cover back on.
  10. motoxrider969

    NOT 250 OR 400 but XR125?

    Ive never seen them before, but a quick search turned up quite a bit of info. http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/Honda/honda_xr125_l%2003.htm
  11. motoxrider969

    Custom XR250r exhaust?

    Im pretty sure its factory. If im not mistaken mine has it as well.
  12. motoxrider969

    Do we know each other?

    Not many people ride trails in connecticut that i know of, since there is hardly anywhere to ride. Would be nice to meet some people within 2 hours that know decent "legal" trails to ride so i dont have to worry about trespassing on certain trails anymore.
  13. motoxrider969

    xr250 jetting ?

    I had 135/45 needle clip is 1 down from middle. Now that i bored out to 277 and ported and polished i run 142/45 clip 1 down from middle, although i think it might be a little rich on the low-mid range throttle, going to play with the fuel screw when spring comes along.
  14. I own a 04 xr250 and it topped out at 70 with the 'gordons mods' on flat ground. Like others said the best mods you can do are gordons mods to let it breathe better and give it more throttle response. A lot of people use the trail tech vapor Grease the swingarm bolt and do regular oil changes.
  15. motoxrider969

    XR277R Jetting

    my throttle response seems great, i know others have issues with it but mine seems to be great. Im using 142/45 and fuel screw is at 2 turns i believe. exhaust baffle removed, snorkle gone, port and polish, header welds ground. elevation is 300-1500ft