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  1. Derbo250X

    Best riding areas near Phoenix, AZ

    I would hit the 4 peaks area. Hundreds of miles of track suitable for both 2 and 4 wheels. Have fun in AZ!! http://www.thumpertalk.com/where-to-ride/locations/203-four-peaks/
  2. Derbo250X

    300 vs 450 enduro bike

    I can believe that you like the 450 better. My Husaberg 450 finds traction better than any bike I've ever ridden, and fuel injection makes power delivery crazy good. I would never replace my 450 with a 300. I just might like to add one to my stable so I have some variety and choice. If I had to pick one bike to ride, it would certainly be the 450. If you're looking at a new KTM 450 with EFI........well then, buy it!! The bike is unbelievably good. Either way......getting a new bike is awesome and you'll be stoked with your new ride. Derik
  3. Derbo250X

    list of bikes in the area, which one?

    Get the KTM!! If it's a clean bike, they have a stout valve train and my 2007 has never had a valve even need adjusting. They have a great personality for a 250F and with a ton of aftermarket goodies available and no rear linkage to service, its the best high performance 250F on your list.
  4. Derbo250X

    300 vs 450 enduro bike

    I have the same dilemma as you. I will be adding a bike to my stable next year and have seriously considered going to a 300. Although not because of maintenance or cost......4stks are dialed and need very little. Wrenching on a bike is a joy anyways. I am interested in a lighter bike that I can have fun on but one that won't beat me up after a 4hr ride. It really seems that most of the advantages to the 300 are aimed at aggressive racing oriented riding......attack position kinda stuff. I think I would love the 300 when I'm getting after it, but worry that it would punish me when I slow down to explore and let my old bones rest between moments of hooliganism. I've not ridden a newer one and have just a brief ride on an older KTM . It was a hoot! It had a lurchy kind of throttle that seemed to have just a touch of delay between inputs, then Brap! My 450 has no delay and is much more linear in the power delivery than the 300. Not slow, but not lurchy either. The bike that I rode was buzzy through the pegs and bars, especially when it got onto the pipe. It pulled like a raped ape up the road and I was grinning! The power seemed to sign off quickly and I was shifting way faster than my bike. I liked the explosive hit, but I wondered how it would be after an hour or so. The bike was really skinny and my feet felt really close together. I felt like I was getting on a horse when throwing a leg over my 450 after my test ride on the 300. It was a brief ride, but I formulated some impressions that have kept me at a distance from the 2stk. I liked the excitement of the power but worry it will get me into trouble when I start to get tired. I liked the skinny riding position but I felt like I could feel every time the piston hit TDC. The vibrations were very noticeable and my hands felt fatigued after just a short ride. Would I get used to that? Are the newer bikes better about the buzz? I love that my 450 hands me the quantity as well as the quality of power that I'm asking for, but I love the smell of 2stk oil on a cold morning. The 450 has made me lazy and now I wonder if I can hang onto 300 or if I'd end up selling it and taking a loss. I wish that I could rent one for a day so I could answer my own questions. Derik
  5. Derbo250X

    Fe-570 Time for tires

    I've tried all the Geomax variations( MX31/MX51/MX71) and could not come to terms with any of them for the mixed deep sand/rocky granite that we have in the Az desert. A bit too unpredictable break away in our combo soils and I wasn't too thrilled with the wear either....my stock Bridgestone 404/403 combo was better for me. I expect too much performance for Maxxis...they wear like iron though. I dont know how a 140/80/18 would fit on the Berg.....I have very little clearance with the 110....?? Right now I'm loving a Michelin Comp Trials tube type ( loving the hook-up) on the rear and the 403 on the front. I've yet to find a better front tire than the Bridgestone.....it wears pretty well, it rails a rut with no surprises, and is predictable. I'm 100% dirt though. Derik
  6. Derbo250X

    jd power surge

    Hey Jeff, Did you use JD's suggested settings or did you tune it on the dyno? Is it me or did the graph show power a bit softer off idle to about 1/4 throttle and then a hit from mid throttle to wide open? I run an aftermarket pipe & header and I've worried I'm on the lean side now....this product may be just what I'm looking for. Are there safeguards to prevent idiot moves from occuring that can make metal on metal noises from happening? Thanks, Derik
  7. Derbo250X

    Husaberg Thumper Talk Members! How Many Are There?

    2010 FE 450 Awesome!
  8. Derbo250X

    Help choosing boots

    I loved my Tech 7s...great protection and killer service from A-Stars when a crash had me needing replacement parts...always free and hot rushed to your door. I just received my Tech 10s and I hope I love them ad much ad the 7s... Time will tell.... I'd buy the T7s....big upgrade and a great boot! Derik
  9. Derbo250X

    Alpinestars Tech 10 and tech 7's

    I've ridden in A-Stars since they were called Hi-Points in the early 70s. Very well made boots and a real joy to wear after a reasonable break-in. I don't understand why people trash Alpinestars either....they've supported our sport longer than anyone. Their R & D is 2nd to no other mfg. and they stand behind their products. I've been using T7's the last couple of years and finally broke clip and messed up the strap on a downhill dig. The boots have been great at protecting my feet and ankles...no complaints. A-Stars rushed me all new straps and clips for free......no questions asked. That works for me. I tried on some Sidi's...all of them...nice boots....didn't fit my stumpy fat feet.... I've heard good things about the Gaerne boot, but I could find anyone near me to try on a pair.....I have seen them though and the one's I saw looked pretty tall in the footbox. I went ahead and ordered some Tech 10's to see how I like them......I'll keep the T7's as a backup....don't be hatin' A-Stars just because you like the boot your daddy bought you. Derik
  10. I drove 40 miles to go try on a pair of Crossfires SRS....really had my hopes up. The boot is really narrow for a wide foot. I tried the TA and it was better, but still narrow. A guy at the shop said that Sidi's dont break in like the A-Stars will. I blew through 1/4 tank in gas, but didn't make the mistake of ordering them online without putting my stumpy feet into one first! I loved the reticulation of hinged heel but question how much support it's going to give me when I'm beat and leaning into my boots to keep me up at the end of a long hard ride. I took a leap and ordered some Tech 10's for a smokin' deal and really hope I didn't make the mistake I was trying to avoid in the first place. I've used T6s, (old) T8s T7s, and now I'm bootie bound. A-Stars has always been awesome at replacing parts for my boots for free. I broke a latch on a boot once and they rushed me all new ones for free.....damn good service. I hope I like them.....I really wanted the Sidi's but my physique didn't play well with them. Derik
  11. Derbo250X

    Right or left..... is it that hard????

    All my insurance is with State Farm...home, auto and special riders for my bikes and jewelry and guns...at my age , its way cheaper than what I was paying for 1 car in college. It's a change of thought when you insure to protect yourself and your wealth (no matter how small) rather than to insure to be legal.....legal doesn't cover your ass....you have to make a little more effort to do that. Not much though...be proactive and don't become a victim. I hope you have many miles of good times and I hope everyone you meet is going the right way. Take it easy, Derik
  12. Derbo250X

    Right or left..... is it that hard????

    I'm glad you're not hurt too bad. Hopefully you'll be back on the bike fast! Sorry I lawyered it up...you have every right to vent. I re-read your post and was wrong about your position. I got insured about 5 years ago...... There was I guy I rode with a couple of times who got doubly screwed when he had a wreck with a quad on a CR250...I'm pretty sure his name was Ken. I wasn't there but heard about it from others who witnessed what happened. He and another guy were jamming down a fireroad 6th gear pinned kinda thing....he came over a hill and there was a family on quads stopped and taking up the whole road. He locked up and tried to lay it down but ended up side slamming the father's Raptor. The other guy on the bike lucked out and managed to hit the leftside ditch before augering it in, but didn't hit anyone. Kenny and the guy on the quad were seriously hurt. A long wait for the helicopter too. Kenny almost lost his left foot and had a broken arm, broken ribs, and a detached retina and a totalled bike. He was hospitalized for almost 2 weeks and had several surgeries to try and save his foot. The guy on the quad was in a coma for several weeks and was really jacked up......never going to be the same sort of thing. I've read stories like this a bunch over the years.....however this was the first time I ever heard of a rider getting sued. The guy's health insurance company hired an attorney and an investigator to get statements from everyone who was there and the long/short of it......Kenny spent months trying to defend a suit brought against him by the other guys insurance company and family and lost. It cost him everything he had......and he had quite a bit from what I was told.....There may be someone on this board who remembers the incident and can pipe in about what happened to Ken, Four Peaks road...5 years back......I never gave liability any thought, then again I never had anything to protect when I was a kid. I looked into getting an umbrella policy for liability to protect what I have now...my family, my savings and my future. Plus....I have a temper and if I ever decide to punch someone in the mouth....I'm covered. My insurance agent gave me some great cheap options that not only cover my liability, but pay my deductible on my health insurance (5 grand right there) as well as replacing or repairing my bikes......I spend more money replacing tires every year than what my bike insurance costs. You think that you'd never sue someone, but what if some D' head hurts you real bad and costs you thousands...lost wages....lost job...medical costs or takes away your ability to live like a normal dude....what are you going to do about it? Anyone of us can be that D' head on a given day.....I take way fewer risks now that I'm a Dad and a provider, make smarter judgements too... but I still have moments where I just can't help but hit it hard and fast... Derik
  13. Derbo250X

    Right or left..... is it that hard????

    There is insurance for liability. I carry it on all my bikes and suggest everyone who rides do the same. If you don't have it, you expose yourself and family to huge potential losses. If you have a home or money you better protect it. You may not get much from him now, but you can get a judgement against him and they will garnish his future earnings. Just because you're on a dirtbike and offroad does not relinquish you or anyone else from liability claims. A good attorney would sink his teeth into someone....even go after their homeowners insurance. Civil lawsuits are where the $$$ comes from.....you can't get any relief if they lock him up! It costs me $12/mos. for liability and loss insurance.......if my bike falls off a cliff, I have a $250 deductible.....if I plow into a quad...same deal...if it's stolen....you get it. Of course I only get book for the bike...but if I'm going fast and come around a corner and hit someone that is stopped.....and there are witnesses...and they decide to sue me.....medical, lost wages, duress...you name it... I'm hosed. I've got $300k worth of liability....that's not hard to burn through if someone gets really jacked up on my account. I don't know the whats and the hows to your incident but it doesn't sound like you have any legal legs to stand on....he might though. Fix your bike and insure yourself..... Sorry you biffed and F'd up your ride....that really sux! Derik
  14. Derbo250X

    husaberg 390 question

    The Berg rocks!!! Break it in properly and replace the boat anchor of an exhaust. The stock exhaust is really bad...the worst I've ever seen actually. It corks the bike up so badly that it really makes it buzz at high RPM and contributes to high engine temps. Anything else will be better, but I put a MegaBomb header and a PowerCore4 exhaust system on my 450 and the difference is night and day. Get to know your bike and put it on some technical rides......it absolutely shines the brightest when the trail gets gnarly, but suffers a little in wide open fully pinned situations. Scotts/Ohlins all the way!!! Good Luck with your bike. Derik
  15. Derbo250X

    Husaberg Owners I need your advice....

    I've absolutely loved my 2010 FE 450. It is far and away the best offroad bike I've ever ridden. It's not that it's the best at everything, but it does everything so adeptly. I really have fun on my bike as quirky as that sounds.....I have fun riding other bikes too, I just have more fun riding the Berg and that's what it's all about. Stay the course on the 450. You'll miss the bottom end on the 390 and the power is SO linear that it has manners for a 450. It just plain works. Oh..and you'll be used to the KTM type headshake that the stock bike exhibits....get your sag set between 112-118mm and things up front settle down pretty well. Be sure to post up your first ride report and let everyone know what you think. Congrats!!!! Derik