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  1. Weezer, this last trip out there I really got a good lay of the trails at Rabbit Valley. Yes you can connect Mels to Rabbit Valley. By using the Kokopelli trail. There are also some single tracks but I think they are illegal ones and not marked but I did see some. I found a bunch of single track at Rabbit Valley I had never done. Zion Curtain trail #3. We actually went under the interstate and rode some trails on the north side then ended up crossing the highway at the off ramp. I figured out trail #8 on how to avoid the last part of it where it gets really techincal and has lots of ledges. I dont know what your plans are for the fall but there are a good 2 days at Rabbit Valley of trails I know you havent done yet, Stan SR either. Maybe JR can make it and redeem himself in that wash.
  2. jsned250

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Just looked at a generator yesterday. It was 2200 start up 1700 running watts. Will tjat power a small 3500 btu ac? And how about a small electric heater?
  3. jsned250

    What tire for Moab?

    Use the tire your neighbor is throwing out because it wont matter. Been there several times, the sand is so soft only a paddle would make a difference, and the rest of it is slick rock that even when wet it is like velcro, dont even waste a minute even worrying about it.
  4. jsned250

    Road rides vrs Mtb rides

    Bought a cyclocross bike, used, great deal. Mostly just to get off the main roads and onto some backroads that were too rough for my full blown road bike, but I wanted to get away from traffic. It is great for that, and if you come up on a gravel road no problem. It really opened the door for me to get out and explore. After about 3 years of pounding miles on it, I finally got talked in to buying a MTN bike. Not going to be racing, so found a great deal on a full suspension (not really needed for our trails) Diamondback. Almost never touched the cyclocross bike again. Only time I ride it is when the trails are swamped out and I am too bore to sit around. I did try to ride it on some easy stuff offroad and it just plain sucked. The narrow drop bars where too sketchy for me to feel comfortable on. I am thinking about getting a hardtail hybrid so if I do hit some dirt I have the dirtbike bar feel but speed of a cyclocross (almost) bike. BTW I have a Felt FX75 and a Catch 2 Diamondback.
  5. Holton and Horshoe loops are pretty good. As about as far south as they go. Just rode them in the fall. Some of it you are suppose to be street legal but I did not see any difference in the loops to see why you would need to be. I ran in to locals who ride those trails every month and never have a liscence plate. I know you arent suppose to. Holton is a 2-3 gear trail, Horshoe is a more 2nd gear trail. Just a little tighter but very similar. They are only about 5 miles apart I think. Been to Tomahawk few times and yes it is the best, SSHHHH!! But it is 7 hours for us and only 4 to Holton. I have ridden loops up there that suck and then ride them 2 years later and they are fun.
  6. Damn cool video, some day ill get up there
  7. Yo Pit, a few of us are going to New Mexico in May, I know that would be a real haul for you. But also considering a fall Moab trip. Man if you go to Moab give me a shout,I have 8 weeks vacation this year so if I did it on tje cheap side I might be able to hit Moab in spring also. And if you do go I have been able to find some of the better riding trails that you would like. I could gibe you some directions. You ever consider Idaho?
  8. Next time you need some body to ride with let me know. Try to get up there, but have a hard time getting my buddies to get out. What places do you ride most? Sshhhhh
  9. jsned250

    Opinions wanted on this deal...

    The painted engine cases would turn me off immediately. He didnt even wash the thing to sell it. If he had the effort to paint those for looks why would they not wash it. They were probably so bad he had to paint them or replace them. All depends on how much you are willing to work onit.
  10. jsned250

    Hanguard Bar End Inserts Dont Hold.

    If you have aluminum bars you can tap it to 5/11 thread. The hole is the right size for it. Then find a bolt with a flat head and bolt it directly to bar. Solid as you will ever get. The head of the bolt might have to modified a little so its not sticking out or too big diameter. Search on here I am sure someone has pictures. I always do it but dont have pictures. Like the post above, but that one has the plastic adaptors so you dont have to modify the bolt. Both are the best
  11. jsned250

    Dakar 2019 Updates, Pictures & Video

    This is great racing. Wish they had as much coverage as boring ass Supercross.
  12. Where is that? Got any GPS or address for trail or trail head?
  13. We ride all the trails, including most of the quad trails. We mix it up so we dont get too beat up all at once on the 5 diamond trails. The 5 diamond single track is not stupid hard. All the single track is good, and the 4 and 5 diamond quad trails are fun. Its set up that when you do a loop you end up back on the safety road, so If some one doesnt want to do a certain loop they can take the safety road up to where you will come out and meet you. Its a really good setup. Its just not real big. 2 days is enough to see it all. But not sure where you live, but you could hit Turkey bay for a day then head down to Highland. There is aslo a place just a couple hours, not far but you have to go by Atlanta to get to it. It is huge but not as good of single track as Highland. It is flat, tons of motocross tracks, its okay. https://www.durhamtown.com/
  14. I look forward to reading the article. Its guys like this that I think about when shit is bothering me. I think man, maybe I aint got it so bad. Like to meet him.
  15. Check out Highland park. http://www.highlandparkresort.com/trails