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  1. Question:. When installing this tank do you remove the OEM half moon shape rubber that the stock tank rests on? The safari instructions doesn't say. The safari tank has a glued on small piece of rubber but it's not real snug. ?? The attached photo is the OEM rubber I'm talking about.
  2. Mine started with the first push in gear for 2 or 3 tries. But, like I said earlier, I was in a shop environment only, not out riding. It will be a while before I will get to field test it as it has been cold and raining for a while. Bass- I don't disagree with your concept, but it bugs me to have a FI bike and have to crack the throttle. I do not have to do that on my 2010 Honda rancher, which is FI. Also, if I remember correctly, the book says the mark on the throttle is for higher elevations... I have a friend who is a Yamaha mechanic and I will ask him what he thinks about leaning out the CO. To me, it seems just like setting the idle mixture on a carbed bike. Maybe I'm oversimplifying I would also like to get vxljim's opinion on all of this. I remember reading that he too had done a lot of testing with the idle mixture on these bikes.
  3. Deleted- double post
  4. I use compressed air to blow the water out of all the nooks and crannies and run it... Lots of work, but it ensures everything is good and dry.,, you'd be surprised how much water is hidden in your brakes, wiring, suspension, etc, that running doesn't address.
  5. Try following the instructions again (setting idle to about 1300 then adjusting CO while it's running so that it dies going positive and negative, then using the average). Mine ended up being -10. I do not have a red header glow either from what I could tell. I am at sea level...
  6. Bass, if adjusting the idle mixture is detrimental to the engine, why would Yamaha make it adjustable? It seems that parameter would be locked.tighter if it didn't need to ever be tweaked. I followed Rowdy's instructions an now mine is set with a negative number and it does start on the first jab. I'm not sure if it's leaner or richer with the negative setting. I do know that when it was at 0!pr at + 10, it takes up to 3 jabs at the button unless I have it cracked. I'm just trying to understand all of this better, not argue. I'm not sold yet on raising the compression to get it started.
  7. I went thru the process Rowdy posted. It took a while messing with it but I finally got the thing to stall once I set the idle down to ~1300. It stalled at +10 and -29 so the final setting I used is -10. Set rpms for 2000. It seems to start ok with this setting. I was just in my shop though and not out riding. Too freaking cold for me. I will try this setting out for a while and see what happens. Previously I was at +10 based on what others had suggested on this board. I never could really tell the difference. Btw, I never had a problem starting it so long as I cracked the throttle as bass suggests. I have been doing that for the last 2 years, it's not that big of deal...
  8. Rowdy, why are you dividing the mean by 2? I missed that the first time I read thru your step-by-step process.
  9. Interesting stuff. I may try it the next time I get the wr out. I wonder if all of the FI tools are the same. Meaning, are they all set up so that a -18 is a -18 and a+18 is a +18 on all the various tools. Also, are you saying that your preferred setting is richer or leaner at idle compared to the stock setting of 0?
  10. -20??? I thought we were inserting positive numbers. When I adjusted mine, the default was 0. I bumped it up to +8... I couldn't really tell the difference in starting. I still have to jab the button 2 or 3 times and or crack the throttle.
  11. So, is the new consensus that you do not need to bump up the CO? I agree that barely putting pressure on throttle usually allows it to start with a single jab or two. I'd like it to start like some of my other FI bikes where all you have to do is push it once, even if the bike sits a few months
  12. Vlxjim, do you mind posting up the map you are referring to again. I need decent performance, and good fuel economy. Thanks
  13. Krannie, is that an IMS tank?
  14. That's a nice bike. You got mega hours invested in to that thing. What tank is that? I didn't see it on the list.
  15. Thanks all. Can you get to the radiator cap easy on the IMS 3 gallon? I hate dropping the coin on something I only need maybe once every 2-3 years...