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  1. snox22x

    Expensive 2002 CR250 Project Build

    Thanks guys, it's just the cycra plate you buy for the 2016 CRF450 Custom cutting done up, to make it fit. Fairly simple
  2. Check out my CR250 project. It's cost me some money but I'm proud to show it off. Check it out!
  3. Just curious if anyone has found the best cleaner for aluminum engine components. I just picked up a project bike and it has some minor corrosion on the motor Any help is appreciated Thanks
  4. https://youtu.be/hwDjSJhdSSw So I got the 02 in the spring and I've almost completed the build. I'm just curious if the previous owner who had this might have lost the steel band that goes around the Airbox like on the 01's. Or this bike may not even have any of that. I just need to know if anyone simple fixed this issue. And yes, the bolt is as tight as it can go. Any suggestions? Please help if you know of any ideas? Are all 02-07 air boxes like this one? It just doesn't seem right. Thanks in advance!
  5. snox22x

    Honda CR250R (2002)


    Too much to list
  6. snox22x

    Honda CR250R (2002)


    Too much to list
  7. snox22x

    Honda CR250R 2002

    Too much to list
  8. snox22x

    2000-2001 Triple Clamps on my 2002 CR250

    My concern was the width of the forks. I couldn't tell if they were different or not.
  9. I recently purchased TAG triple clamps off of eBay that were advertised as a 2002. Well when I got them in the mail I looked at the serial # on the bottom and it just said CR-00. So only one may assume that it would be made for 2000-2001 bikes. Will these fit on my 2002 cr250? If not, I'm going to have to sell them. I'd return them but the people won't take them back. No returns. So I'd still like to use them if I can. If they won't, why won't they? Anyone know? Thanks in advance?
  10. snox22x

    02 CR250R low rpm miss....

    Power valve may be out of adjustment
  11. snox22x

    Rear Master Cylinder Problems (HELP)

    I drained the system completely of all the fluid. Stupid I know.
  12. Alright, so I drained all the fluid out of my rear break lines after purchased a used cr250. All of the fluid. The brakes worked perfectly fine before I did this. So I took a syringe full of brake fluid and back fed it through the bleeder until the brake fluid started flowing out of the rear master cylinder. Making sure there is absolutely 0 air in the line and or system. My problem comes to me when I push the pedal down. I get absolutely nothing. It's odd to me because the brakes worked before I drained the system. In my case do you guys recommend that I go out and buy a master cylinder rebuild kit? Is there something I'm missing? Is there any tricks? What do you guys suggest for me to do? I'm open to all options. Leaning toward rear master rebuild kit or just buying a whole new master cylinder. ******************HELP******************** Thanks in advance!!!