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  1. wheelin

    KX100 Head bolt torque

    Thanks guys
  2. wheelin

    toning down this beast

    Sean.. My boys rode a 95' KX100 back in the day...That KX, even in stock form, was "wicked" fast...Not a beginner bike by any means. I would fix it up, sell it, and get your daughter a 4-stroke with a clutch (XR100, XR200, or a Bigger TTR) no gas to mix, no plug-fouling, no noise....lol my boys are on 450's now, but man they ripped on that KX100...
  3. wheelin

    KX100 Head bolt torque

    Replacing cylinder an head on a 95' KX100... Can anyone tell me the what the head bolts are supposed to be torqued too? thanks in advance
  4. wheelin

    1973 SL125 (no spark)

    picked up a really nice SL125, but it has no spark....previous owners chopped alotta wires...a few questions Does it need a charged battery to have spark?...or one at all? Is it 6V or 12V system? Any way to check the coil?.or condensor?....before replacing? Anyone know of an online manual?...or an electrical schematic? ANY THOUGHTS OR IDEAS ????
  5. Was the pipe damaged after you un-wrapped it?....Also...if purchasing things around XMAS and Turkey-day and New Years, be thankful it only took 3 weeks to get to you.
  6. So, my brothers property was under 12feet of water for 2 days...We managed to save his 450R and now we're trying to salvage his Grizzley 600 4WD Quad...it has been in a shed for a month, but the mud was as wet as day 1 clutch-side cover removed inside clutch cover carb (air-filter side) dis-assembled just gonna flush everything the best we can and see what happens
  7. wheelin

    New Video... Check It Out!

    Looks To Me Like He Needs A New 250f Dad...lol....super Fast
  8. Thanks...and yes i'm lucky....i was able to keep my house, buy a van and somewhat lead a normal life.... you were right about it happening quick....literally in the blink of an eye I always tell people, "Hey, it could be worse"
  9. I broke my neck 12 yrs ago, racing in a hare-scrambles....it was a relatively slow-speed crash, flipped over the bars and landed on my head...instant quadraplegic...Now before you start with the "oh i'm so sorry" crap, save it... I rode bikes for 25 years and crashed alotttt harder and alotttt faster...it was just a fluke thing...Shit happens... I have 2 boys who i taught to ride from my chair...they're both riding 450's now (and yes it makes me nervous, but so does them driving a car)... my mom usta freak out that i let them ride, i just told her "mom, if i had broken my neck in an automobile accident, should i not let them ride in cars anymore"... Wear the proper safety gear and lett'er rip oh...and btw...i drive a full size chevy van...i've coached every sport for my boys when they were growing up, and i get wayyyyy more girls then i ever used too.....lol...(i think the chair makes me less-threatening) BE SAFE
  10. wheelin

    submerged 450 WA St video

    I only got the motor fixed...i'm guessing it will need all new cables, all new wheel bearings, new steering head bearings, brake shoes and who knows what else...i might hafta replace the seat foam...but, atleast it runs
  11. my brothers property flooded 2 weeks before Xmas...all his bikes, quads, tractors, everything were underwater for 2 days...my 18yr old son and I brought his 450R here (along with his XR600 and a quad) to hopefully try and bring some life back to his baby before Xmas (we only had 12 days)...to hopefully give him a little cheer after such a an awful event... Heres a little video I made that i saved until our family get-together (Dec 22) and then i showed it to him and everyone else...he was pretty stoked my boys rode it today for an hour or so, then we changed the oil...it had no dirt or water in the oil, and oil-filter was clean.....so it just might survive
  12. wheelin

    submerged 450 WA St rebuilt/popping video

    Shawn was 100% correct....thank you sir
  13. We got the 450 put back together, but have an issue ...popping/backfiring ....won't idle ...the video's kinda long but you can hear the popping (this bike was underwater for 2 days) http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v432/wheelin/?action=view&current=MOV00828.flv we've cleaned carb 3-4 times valves at 005 and 008 brand new airfilter any thoughts?
  14. wheelin

    Flooded 450R in water for 2 days

    we just borrowed the shims out of the 06'...new shim-kit comes today (spendy lil bugger) along with a few more oil filters ...