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  1. SeaFox

    K&N Oil Filter

    Thanks for the info, I still have one OEM filter and Ill be saving for a SS. I was thinking the K&N would be a cheap high flow filter but its going to be hard to beat the SS in the long run. Judging by the novel of threads.
  2. SeaFox

    K&N Oil Filter

    Sorry I asked, how did I know that I would get a response like that. Every thread I read wound up with such. After reading countless threads on oil and filters I didnt read much if anything on the K&N filter.
  3. SeaFox

    K&N Oil Filter

    Its that time and I have used the search to try and find some feedback on K&Ns oil filter but to no availe. By the way I am buying the Silkolene Synthetic. Please Dont say use the search Because I did and its a simple question. Thanks.
  4. SeaFox

    Runaway cars and DRZs don't mix

    Freak accident, I thought ouch when I seen the pics.
  5. SeaFox

    chain noise

    I replaced the rollers on my 07 and it helped alot. Also my chain was very stiff from the factory greese, after a really good cleaning and fresh lube it got alot better.
  6. SeaFox

    klx 110 idle issues

    Id start with a fresh plug, clean the air filter and drain the bowl on the carb. If that dont fix it the the pilot jet is the next suspect. Also check your ground wire for good connection. Good luck. SF.
  7. SeaFox

    4th gear; it's there; can it work?

    The shift drum has to be changed. Ive never done it but have read about it. If its apart, nows the time to do it. I think they are around $50.
  8. SeaFox

    my drz 110 wont run

    Put the plug in the boot and hold it about 1/4 inch from frame on head and kick it a few times, the spark should be visible.
  9. SeaFox

    my drz 110 wont run

    If the bowl was that bad I would think the jets look just as bad. I would buy a new pilot ($5) and clean everything else. Check the spark at the plug with a new plug. Clean the air filter. Just a few thoughts but its where I would start. Good luck. SF.
  10. SeaFox

    Passenger peg height

    Mine are 21.5 inches to the top of the pass. peg with the bike straight up and 9.25 inches center to center from above. I do still have stock trailwings.
  11. SeaFox

    CRF70 carb problem

    I have an 02 xr70 and up is to choke and down is after it warms up. Another thing that could cause these symptoms is a clogged air filter. The mixture screw is small and by the idle screw, and is accessable on mine with a small flathead screwdriver.
  12. SeaFox

    CRF70 carb problem

    Sounds like the pilot jet. The holes are small and are on the sides of the jet as well. Has the bike sat up?
  13. SeaFox

    neutral switch?

    The switch is grounded in nuetral so just run a ground wire from your frame see if it cranks. I used the bolt that holds the coil and permanently bypassed the switch.
  14. SeaFox

    KLX 110 will not idle

    I had some of the same symptoms and the o- ring on the mixture screw was gone in my case but a damaged one could have the same results. Just a thought.
  15. SeaFox

    XR70 shock dimensions

    I got a 10.5" for our 02 XR70 and was about the same as the stocker. Not sure on the bolt size.