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  1. 2003 KLX400SR with ported head and oversized valves, 94.5 big bore...FCRMX 41mm Just trying to feel out if I should part it out or try and sell it whole...
  2. MutualBill

    Pilot Jets for KLX 110

    Really...nobody has ever had to jet one of these before?
  3. I asked this question on the KLX 110 forum and got no help. I have a hanging idle issue on a KLX110 that I am pretty sure is a lean idle problem. I want to get some larger pilot jets, but the local parts counter monkeys can't find the correct part numbers to order me the jets I need. Surely somebody on this forum knows the answer to my riddle. I want to procure a #40 and a #42 pilot jet. Can somebody tell me what part numbers I need to order and perhaps suggest an online location where I can get them? Thanks in advance.
  4. MutualBill

    KLX110 Pilot Jet

    Wow...seriously...no help?
  5. MutualBill

    KLX110 Pilot Jet

    I got a hanging idle problem that I am reasonably sure is a lean idle issue. I need to try some larger pilot jets. The local parts counter monkey could not determine the correct part number for the larger jets I need. So...please tell me the part numbers I need and a place online where I can easily procure them? I think I want to get a #40 and a #42
  6. Too much weight forward and a death grip. Move back on the seat a bit and loosen the death grip.
  7. MutualBill

    DRZ Oil filter change Panic !

    This engine had a transmission in it. All transmissions make metal in the oil. It is just the nature of gear wear. That being said...the DRZ only holds 2 quarts of oil. It should be changed often. if that is a deal breaker for you...perhaps the DRZ is not for you. If you use a reusable filter....whats a couple of quarts of motorcycle oil every 1000 miles? Big deal. Super easy to change...even on the trail if neccesary...although probably not environmentally responsible.
  8. MutualBill

    Anyone know what rims these are?

    Cheap cast wheels trying to look like expensive 3 piece wheels. Check American Racing...they make a lot of cheap knock off wheels like this.
  9. MutualBill

    f150 or toyota tacoma

    I towed the Boy Scout trailer with my f-150 1 weekend. It was almost more then the truck could handle. (4.6) I would not assume that the f-150 is going to have an advantage here. I got my f-150 stuck last week at a housing development. I was helping my property guy pull silt fence out. On this one section...I backed into the silt build up...which was damp but firm. We hooked up the silt fence and the truck instantly broke through surface and started to sink in. I had my partner disconnect me so I could get out...by then it sank nearly to the axle housing. I could only move back and forth about a foot. The truck would hit the front of the rut liking hitting a curb and would do nothing. It did not even have the power to spin the tires to try and claw its way out. We eventually got it out by filling the hole with the sticks from the silt fence until we got the truck high enough to drive out. It sucks! If the Taco is a v6 and a manual...I'd got that route. But ideally...I'd find a Silverado or a Sierra.
  10. MutualBill

    f150 or toyota tacoma

    Completly gutless. Transmission is terrible...very soft. Gas mileage is not good...on a good day might get 17 MPG. Brakes need constant attention...broke a piston in a rear caliper...turns out they are bakelite (Plastic). Intake whistles terribly in cold weather. At 75 MPH there is a constant exhaust harmonic that causes a loud hum in the cab. I was excited to get this truck based on all the hype...but ford did a terrible job and cut way to many corners. My prior vehicle was a 2 wheel drive silverado...it got better gas mileage...had more power, needed a lot less maintenance and just flat out performed the ford on every category. I should have know better...I had some annoying spookey problems with my 98 F-150 too. Looks like Ford forgot about quality.
  11. MutualBill

    f150 or toyota tacoma

    Never owned a toyota...but not happy with my 06 F-150 at all. I would not recommend one to a friend. Next opportunity I get I am going back to a Silverado or a Sierra.
  12. MutualBill

    Attn: Eddie!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday "Burned"!
  13. MutualBill

    400sm with valve/engine troubles?

    Make sure you check your cylinder walls for scoreing.
  14. MutualBill

    Tomahawk Retreads

    Yes they are.
  15. MutualBill

    400sm with valve/engine troubles?

    The valves you have specified (Kibble White) are known to be junk. If you didn't drop the valve...my best guess is that it sucked the valve into the port because it ate the valve seat. Take some pictures and post them up. Then we can advise you better.