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  1. What’s up guys I’m looking for a jug for a 07 ktm 200xc im located in eastern pa thanks
  2. Forgive me if this is already a topic somewhere. Looking for a decent cold weather glove for enduro/riding. Something warm and comfortable and not to bulky I should say. Anyone have any good reviews with any?
  3. Hey guys my names like and I'm on a 17 beta 300rr. Skill level around a fast c I'd say. Broke my leg back in April so just getting back to it. Looking for single track! Let me know if anyone's going out this weekend, thanks
  4. Anyone riding in jersey this weekend?
  5. Just curious what everyone is running. Stock was 13/49. Which was pretty good. I just switched to 13/51 for more single track riding. Has anyone tried 14/51 for more fast paced riding? Figured it be easier to switch back and forth
  6. lcw8423

    Places to ride

    I'm going to eagle rock Virginia for the weekend . Planning on bringing my bike. I ride a beta 300rr plated. Looking for spots near there and if anyone is going out Sunday. My name is Luke and I'm a fast C rider if that helps. Thanks
  7. Looking for people or place to ride this Sunday. I rented a house for the weekend near eagle rock Virginia. Wanted to know if I'll be near any spots or if anyone will be near me that would of like to take me out on Sunday. I ride a plated beta 300rr and my names Luke. Thanks
  8. How do you guys go about adjusting/measuring float height. Mine is still set from factory
  9. I actually went out yesterday and currently running the blue needle on 3rd clip position and it ran great. Pilot and main are per JD factory setting. I will try 4th clip for below freezing temps. Thanks for the help guys
  10. Thanks appreciate it, I just have a problem leaving anything stock haha. Will be going out tomorrow so will know more. Thanks
  11. I have the Jd jet kit for the 300rr and was wondering what needles and clip positions you all are running. I'm in pa so elevation is 0-2000'. I was running the red needle at 3rd and 4th position from top and felt it was a little lean. Switched to the blue clip position 2 now. Seems pretty good. Just wondering everyone's setup. Thanks
  12. Thanks guys..did you have to mess with jetting?
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