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  1. CapeCod_Ken

    Dumbest Crash

    Like you xxDR I was on my first bike, a 78' xr100. I was riding with a buddy on a DT100. We were riding on a military reservation in a restricted area on some power lines. I was going flat out trying to catch up with him when I spotted an APC (armored personal carrier) parked in the woods with some GI's sitting on top. As I was looking sideways he slammed on the brakes and stopped. I ran straight smack into him and proceeded to do my best superman impression over his head. Which was going well until I hit the ground about 20ft in front of him. I was soon followed by my bike which choose to land in the same location. Once I managed to throw off the bike and stand up I discovered that I had broken my clavicle and given myself a mild concussion. The impact had bent the forks within inches of the frame. The amazing thing was my friend was standing, straddling his bike in the exact location were I had hit him. Somehow me and my bike flew over him completely, never touching him. Our GI audience was duly impressed and were clapping heartily. To this day all I remember seeing was an orange blur, the color of his bike.
  2. CapeCod_Ken

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    13 years of being a residential Oil Burner Technician and going to school part time finally netted me a BSME (Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering) Thank God, I've sucked enough soot to last me a lifetime. For the last 8 years I've been working for a company which manufactures ruggedized, long life, shipping containers. I design customized packaging to protect some of the coolest bits the military would like to show up on the field of battle in one piece. If you can think it up we've probably made a box for it.
  3. CapeCod_Ken

    Kenda K760...How Bad On The Street?

    I'm using one on the rear as well. I have about 600 miles on mine with some tread wear. It seems to be holding up well with about 60/40 road to dirt riding. Even though I ride the road quite a lot its usually short trips (15 miles or less) where the tire doesn't heat up to much. If you plan on doing longer trips on the road you may want to consider another tire. Like Panaman said it makes a lot of noise on the road and has limited cornering traction. It was very squirmy when new but has settled now. It seems to work well off road in this area. It has pulled me through some really nasty mud and deep sand with aplomb. I can't say how it does on hardpack or rocky conditions.
  4. CapeCod_Ken

    Need a little Mikuni Carb help

    I have the standard rejet. Dyno Jet needle clip in 4th notch 140 Main 25 Pilot Extended fuel screw Elevation around here is 300 ft to 2000 ft The idle problem was there when everything was stock. When I searched on the problem all the solutions dealt with the FSR carb. I assumed it was some sort of emissions "fix". I know newer cars don't allow the idle to settle quickly in order to improve emissions. If I've been cruising along or pulling hard as I come to a stop and pull in the clutch the idle just hangs for a half second or so and then drops to normal. If I just rev the bike it drops normally. I don't think its a cable issue. Burned, I'll try lowering the idle adjustment today. It's supposed to hit 50 here this afternoon!
  5. CapeCod_Ken

    Need a little Mikuni Carb help

    I just completed the 3x3 air box mod and carb rejet on my '03 S. A couple of things I've noticed. 1) Much better off idle throttle response! The old girl will definitely pull the front wheel up now, even with me sitting in the saddle. Thanks TT for all the advice. 2) What's the proper procedure for adjusting the fuel screw. I played with it a bit after the bike was good and warm, but it didn't seem to make much difference. I expected the engine to die if I screwed it in to far but the dang thing kept running with the screw all the way in. Although with a bit of a skip. I turned it out ultill things smoothed out and it seems to run fine. Your help would be appreciated. 3) With the rejet I was hoping this problem would go away. After a hard run the idle stays high for a few seconds when I come to a stop. Not to much of a problem on the street but I find it really annoying off road. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks
  6. CapeCod_Ken

    Need Help with Mirrors

    Thanks for your replies. I'd still like to see some photo's of the Dual Stars mounted. Cheers
  7. CapeCod_Ken

    Need Help with Mirrors

    I bought a set of Dual-Star mirrors for my S as one of my winter upgrades. I really like the look of the mirrors and like the clear view they provide with very little buzz. I just can't seam to find a good adjustment position for them. I've tried a couple of locations on the bar as well as reversing the bracket without much success. I can't seem to get a decent view behind me. I see more of my clothing than the road behind me. I'm a bit round around the middle but I don't think that's the whole problem. I'm 5' 9" and I'm still running the stock bars. I'm wondering if taller bars would help. I've been thinking of upgrading to the Renthals with the Jimmy Button bend. Could someone please post a pic showing the mounting location they use? Thanks Ken
  8. CapeCod_Ken

    Torque Specs for Swing Arm

    Very Cool! Thanks guys! I hope things go smoothly this weekend. I've never done this before. This is my first bike with a mono-shock. I'll let you know how things turn out. Cheers CapeCod_ken
  9. CapeCod_Ken

    Torque Specs for Swing Arm

    I was hoping someone with a manual might help me out. I'm planning on re-greasing the swingarm bearings this weekend. I was wondering if someone could post the torque specs for the various pivot point bolts. I have an '03 DRZ400S Thanks CapeCod_ken
  10. CapeCod_Ken

    Claimed HP

    When I bought my 03' S the certificate of origin listed the HP as 39.6Hp. I'm guessing this is at the crank and not the wheel. CapeCod-Ken
  11. CapeCod_Ken

    Great balls of fire

    Back in my younger days I would haul ice down to the fishing boat in a U-haul box truck. Back then we called them key poppers. Turn off the ignition while in gear, give the gas peddle a couple of good pumps and them BAM. :cry: It was hell on exhausts. One time we split the muffler open like a bannana. Great fun scaring the hell out of the tourists though.