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  1. NateTheGreat

    DRZ world... Hello

    Hey Guys.... I have been off the forum for a while. The DRZ forum is home base as far as TT goes to me so I thought I'd swing in and say hi, answer some PM's.... send some PM's.... and let you guys know I'm gonna have that tricked out 450 goin again this year along with my re-vamped KLX which will also be a 450 kick start only bike. I also got a 3rd bike going from scratch with all the spare parts I had and hooked up a buddy of mine. Sad he has a working DRZ and I have 2 apart and or broken ones. In any case it turned out real nice its fast and he loves it. Some of you may remember I broke some bones last year at the MX track. All healed up fine but I only went to an MX track once since then and I was very timid / out of practice. Hopefully this year I can get back out there on a regular basis. I'll try and stop in a bit more often.... and provide some useful input. Meanwhile I've been cruising around on my tricked out SV1000S and its been loads of fun... never thought of myself as ever going into sportbikes but I'm glad I did. All the stupid "street manors" inside of me was removed after many stupid moments on the DRZ. Good thing I didn't have a 150+ MPH bike back then or I would have been a statistic! Brother just got an R1 so I got someone to go ride with. Take it easy guys, be safe, have a beer and go do some riding. (Not neccessarily in that order)
  2. NateTheGreat

    2004 rm125 rear brake cylinder on drz?

    I am using a CRF rear master. As kpatrick described there are a couple of things to consider making it work. But its mostly bolt on. A little fileing / grinding on certain spots on the frame and installing the banjo bolt first and you should have no issues. The RM one has a large square reseviour (I totally mis-spelled that ) correct? It may fit a little different. You might swing by a dealer and look at how it mounts to the frame and the frame bracketry compared to the DRZ frame.
  3. NateTheGreat

    Must I change to a plastic tank?

    IMS 3.2 looks pretty good and gives you a good comprimise of size and looks. You can get the OEM tank decals for the other tank. But any decals that aren't vented with perferation holes (you could add your own with the right tools) will eventually bubble up on the plastic tank. I have done a post with all the part numbers for the OEM graphics and shrouds. The 03 stuff is pricy because it has Chrome on the graphics. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=269293 Is your bike an 03? Looks like it. Here is a pic from my garage of my bike with the OEM 03 shrouds and the blue IMS 3.2 plastic tank. Then again the OEM tank is never going to be worth a lot anyways. Even perfect. Mine sold for like $70 on eBay years ago and it was pretty mint. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=7763 Hope that helps.
  4. NateTheGreat

    Cycra Supermoto Front Fender

    I just bought a Blue one and painted it with Krylon fusion. It has held up surprisingly well and looks good. The SM fender is just an RM fender. Nothing special.... except blue and black colors on OEM.
  5. NateTheGreat

    speedo with talon hubs

    Try www.alpha-sports.com for SM Fiche Then order it wherever. Dealer can get it if you need to. Im surprised Ronayers doesnt have SM fiche.???
  6. He had a learners permit (Not his first). But no M1 endorsed license.-He doesn't have a lot of "street" experience on bikes. I should have known better. -He has a tendency to drive fast and do stupid things while driving. (Hasn't got past the "lets drive fast and drift around corners" mentality. I am very protective of my bikes. He hadn't really ridden it ever before that day except a short ride around the neighborhood. (Which is basically where he was when he wrecked it). He pulled the ole guilt trip one day.... "I let you ride my $7000 06 YZ250F all the time at the MX track and you never even let me touch your new bike." I thought about it and decided...."Ya I guess he is right I am too anal about letting him ride my bikes on occasion." So the next day.... we were in Sacramento together.... and I told him "Go ahead and take it home.... but remember to take it easy on MY toy. And you have to wear my leathers, helmet, boots, full gear!" So off he went. By the time I came home he had totalled it and my mom actually came down to tell me. "First off your brother is OK." That was all she had to say.... I just took a walk alone to clear the anger before even seeing the bike. I was very pissed. But I thought to myself "its a good thing he was wearing all that gear! I guess my bike is going to look like crap.... He probably laid it over and now its all scratched up." (Little did I know). Turns out he took my bike straight to a buddies house. Then took off all the gear. Then decided to go for a quick stroll in the neighborhood in shorts / T-shirt. Where on this narrow windy rural road he took a 30MPH posted corner at like 70+ into some gravel and lost the rear end which was hopping on the road. He straightened it as he went offroad and a small rock under the cover of the weeds shot the bike straight into the tree even though he was convinced he was going to save it. Whew thats how it happened. :mad:
  7. Thanks for seeing it my way.... sortof.... haha.... Ya I was really happy with the 750 front end. It looks very sweet (black so they match the chassis) and performs. After it is registered I will install the Ti Force / PC3 and a fender elim kit. I really like how it turned out. Great blend of street vs. full sport and VTWIN keeps it very torquey. The Ti Force is gonna be awesome. Tucks up next to the body in the rear. Uncorked. Can't wait its really gonna give it a whole new look and a bit of much needed noise.
  8. It cost me like $1300 ish to keep the bike.Bike cost = $8599 OTD After insurance payout my cost to keep = $1300 + $1000 for 06 GSXR750 front end + $600 OEM Parts (at cost + 10%) (Brother works at a dealer). + $360 GPR + $100 Pilot Power Tire + $300 all new SS lines + $50 top clamp + $400 Clip ons + $100 fender Total bike cost = $4210 Out of pocket and it is way more trick then it ever would have been. And I own the title outright. If you read the story in my garage I mentioned the frame is fine. And it is. GMD is an option if I ever really think it needs it. But so far it seems just fine for street riding.
  9. NateTheGreat

    Anyone use Power Pegz?

    They don't flop around because they take a certain amount of force to turn. Which you can adjust to your liking.Mine are setup so you can stand on them and they still won't just give in super easy. They take a bit of weight to rotate which is how I like them. The pivot pegs supposedly have problems with springs breaking.
  10. I'm thinking I'm going to ride it. Lots soon....
  11. Brother came out fine.... if he wasn't the story would have been more about his death and less about the bike. The bike hit at a 45deg angle and the tank has a steep enough slope to make him eject vertically in relationship to the bike which shot him to the right of the tree into the dirt and he missed it and the big rock by inches. He was bruised up a bit but up and walking and OK.
  12. I'm primarily a dirtbike / SM guy and its not a dirtbike.... But I added a new bike to my garage. My 06 Suzuki SV1000S (VTWIN Sport/touring bike for those who don't know).... My little brother totalled it with a headon into an oak tree 8 days after I picked it up from the dealer. Some photos from wrecked to rebuild I though I should share to the TT crowd. My advice to you all : don't let people ride your bike who can't financially pay to fix it if they break it. Insurance claims suck and sure I may end up with a better deal in the end on the bike but my rates go up.... I didn't get to ride the bike for 5 months and I have to deal with getting it re-registered after being salvaged. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewvehicle&vid=7210
  13. NateTheGreat

    speedo with talon hubs

    Nope....Talons come ready to bolt on. Complete with all spacers, bearings and rotor / sprocket hardware.
  14. NateTheGreat

    Newer RM front fender on a DRZ?

    I dont see what the issue is all about. RM fenders bolt right up period. If you buy an RMZ250 fender no way its going to match.... The 450 Should. In any case who cares if you have to drill it and use some washers. JFGID... Just F-in Get It Done.
  15. NateTheGreat

    DRZ400-SM GPR Damper

    Call TT.... Tell them what you want and mention the price the other kits go for. They can get it direct from GPR and give you that or a price less than retail price I am certain.