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  1. replica660

    430 RR 2016 Missfire / TPS

    txs gents - had to ravel & due to that my late reply a) Injector Spray ... had the same feeling when I first saw the 2 jets, as others I had seen looked different before ... "much more fine spray " - as you mentioned. But on a second look the injector also only has TWO HOLES - NOT many small ones as I have seen on other jets before ?? HAd it removed one more time, reverse cleaned & still the same ... assume this being fine ... will check with the dealer! Just want to mention here that " bike idle " is pretty smooth & feels perfect " - only restart when warm is a little weak. b) Voltage Specs & Relearn also makes sense to me as you both explained. c) Too bad I didn't check the backfiring before cleaning and if it really has changed after. As there is no backfiring now ( ... even when bike is warmed up for 10 minutes ) I will need to wait for better weather & check during a real test run I assume. d) Sparkplug boot I didn't unscrew before but looked all fine when I checked now. Will update once the test run on the road has shown some results.
  2. replica660

    430 RR 2016 Missfire / TPS

    So, some more points checked ! a) Injectior cleaned & checked ==> 2 seperate clean jets spraying very nice ... see attached pics. b) Steppermotor cleaned ==> was little dirty but not too bad. c) Relaisbox & ECU contacts cleaned ( ... also all sensors & other relais contacts cleaned ) ... see pics before cleaning. d) The voltage measured from TPS now is fine ==> 0.473 ... when running ( idle ) going up to 0.484 V ( ... had to change the wires used ... not red & black like with KTM ==> is green & red with Beta it seems & showing proper Voltage now. Could the voltage be a little low ( KTMs adjusting 0.59V => 0.64V I saw on the net ?? ). Will check later & test some little higher setups. e) Filter in Tank is fine ==> checked. f) Had the bike started from cold & idling ( .. no gas ) for 10min's. ==> seems this is doing a RESET on the TPS adjustment ( ... tip from BETA dealer ). Couldn't see any change - still 0.473V after the reset! Difficult now to check the bike & the Backfiring ... after warming up and reffing throttle couldn't really hear or detect any backfiring. Guess it will need some real riding for proper testing.
  3. replica660

    430 RR 2016 Missfire / TPS

    Txs KRAYNIAL, will try to work down the list you provided asap and report. As mentioned I already had finished the Connectors including ECU & Relay connectors, Sparkplug, Sensor connectors, Cables & a few more. Fuses haven't blown ever since , even with only 7.5A installed instead of 10A ... to make the issue faster visible for testing. Three questions : 1) What do you mean with "TB" & " stepper motor bypass passage" ? ... can you elaborate? 2) Battery Voltage is perfect BUT not rising higher than 13.2V when bike is running - should't I expect some 14V or even higher? 3) Also checked the TPS setup ( ... know it's idle dependent but wanted to see a basic voltage which is 4.53 V. Confuses me compairing measurements with KTM & other bikes ranging somer 0.5xxx/0.6xxx Volt ). ... is there such a big difference from one to the other brand ? .. Beta even has some KTM roots ??
  4. replica660

    430 RR 2016 Missfire / TPS

    Hi , refurbishing my friends BETA 430 RR '16 which causes him issues with Blowing 10A Fuses for the Starter AND the Light circuit! The bike also has continouse missfiring issues. Issue is that I can't run the bike now ( Snow under in Germany right now & not allowed to go o nthe road here To get it ready for testing I did following so far: 1) Checked all connectors in wiring ... were very bad and corroded ( .. Horn connector also was loosly hanfg on the connector ) 2) Measured Rectifier Unit ... all OK as it looks from my meter 3) Checked the Valves - all are in specs 4) Checked and replaced the sparkplug - was out of spec & pretty old - replaced now! Questions: a) Wanted to check the TPS setting but can't find Voltage references here in the Forum so far b) Also can't find a wiring diagram which will also show the Petrol Pump wire lines & Fuses .. .anyone can provide? c) Anone has already solved such issues on his 430 RR ? Txs, rgds Klaus
  5. replica660

    The TPS adjustment thread

    Hi, .. just ordered mine for a 450 EXC 2014 BUT do have a simple question . What's about the physical idle adjustment ... if my idle is adjusted higher the Valve is more open from the beginning! a) Do same measurements apply? Do I need to run and trial several times to find my best setup? c) What is the Factory setup supposed to be & how is the setup process defined in the Workshop Manuals for the mechanics? d) Does the setup require the valve to be fully closed for basic adjustment? Txs, Klaus