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  1. JohnnyOfast

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    I wonder how the range riders are doing?
  2. JohnnyOfast

    Are we ready for Byron Pics yet?

    Harold that was an awesome read. I was there in '86 when Storbeck first cleared it during a normal race day on a YZ490 airdog. It was the weekend before redbud. he didn't roll the bumps in front he just wheelied over them, it was quite spectacular. Someone was video taping it at the time but I have no idea who and never saw a tape. I saw him do it every lap, it's something I'll never forget. I had knee surgery in feb. '87 and didn't race at all that year, that's why I missed all your stuff. Would be cool to see a video of you clearing it.
  3. JohnnyOfast

    Rusty ott

    Didja check facebook?
  4. JohnnyOfast

    No more indoor track to ride in chicago area this winter

    it's only like a 5 hour drive to the sandbox, isn't it?
  5. JohnnyOfast

    Rusty ott

    I always thought DeCoster was kinda shifty. Unlike this straight up Totp. (Don't feel bad, my totp got bumped. )
  6. JohnnyOfast

    New Yamaha Owner '07 YZ450

    I bought an '07 new and while it never really turned very good it's been a great bike. almost 60 hrs and it hasn't missed a beat. I'm 160 and thought the stock suspension out of the box was nearly perfect. oh, and after 3 years of crying about how bad it handled I just got an '08 frame on ebay cheap.
  7. JohnnyOfast


    That downhill was sooooo much fun. I remember the last race of the year in '81 it was so muddy I had to go back down the other side and take another shot at it on the upside. It was snowing too. that would be mr. vueglar? cool pic.
  8. JohnnyOfast

    IMS 2.6 Mounted on S

    There used to be a thread detailing how to install the IMS 2.6 on the street model but I think it got lost in the meltdown. I know the horn has to be relocated and that bolt hole is used on the right. 1) The fan has to be removed but what's used for the bolt on that side? 2) Where do you relocate the horn to and do you have to extend the wires? 3) Does the dirt model strap work on the lower rear center tank mount? If anybody has the front tank mounts, bushings & strap they'd like to sell cheap let me know before I order it OEM, they're about $40 new. Thanks in advance.
  9. JohnnyOfast

    mickeyo walnut rental

    me, moose & super bob are in.
  10. JohnnyOfast

    Midwest bikes

  11. JohnnyOfast

    Midwest Track Owners Beware!

    Blanket party.
  12. JohnnyOfast

    Midwest winters.

    hash oil.