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  1. Wisconsinite762

    Drz400e street legal

    15/41 gearing is good for the highway assuming it has 21/18 wheels on it. If it's been converted to a supermoto then 15/41 gearing is not quite as good for highway use but it isn't horrible.
  2. Wisconsinite762

    Buying a FCR MX

    Holy crap the TT store is listing them for $800 now! What happened?
  3. Wisconsinite762

    Clutch slip.

    It's 10-15mm at the end of the lever.
  4. Wisconsinite762

    Jetting advice for +3500 feet

    There should be an instruction manual that comes with the kit. Pretty sure it doesn't have any specific instructions for high altitude jetting (if it does, then do what it says), but I would start with a main jet one step lower than what is called for in the instructions.
  5. Wisconsinite762

    DRZ400E Carb Jets

  6. Wisconsinite762

    DRZ400E Carb Jets

    Main air jet: http://jetsrus.com/a_jets_by_carburetor_type/jets_keihin_99101-393_main_round_28-xxx.htm Pilot air jet: http://jetsrus.com/a_jets_by_carburetor_type/jets_keihin_99101-124_and_99101-ZF5_air.html
  7. Wisconsinite762

    DRZ400e FCR carb parts

    Have you looked into jetsrus? They ship internationally, $25 for small parts. http://www.jetsrus.com/carburetor/carb_keihin_FCR_SINGLE_carb_exploded_view_parts.html Here's the parts list for your carb.
  8. Wisconsinite762

    Stripping....... JIS screws kick start

    Hammer till it's loose.
  9. Wisconsinite762

    95octane vs 98octane dyno sheets

    I believe something is off with the second one causing the torque curve to be skewed.
  10. Wisconsinite762

    Radiator temperature gauge

    Trail Tech TTO Temp Gauge gets my vote, because you can put it in a much more noticeable place than the radiator cap. The sensor replaces the air bleed screw on the top of the left radiator.
  11. Wisconsinite762

    2003 400s to sm conversion link?

    Here's a link to the hooligan mod thread.
  12. Wisconsinite762

    LTZ 400 carb?

    It's still an improvement over the stock carb.
  13. Wisconsinite762

    Oil change question.

    Just a few posts above yours
  14. Wisconsinite762

    MRD z-pro vs Two Brothers

    I wouldn't waste your money on raising the limiter. There's really no point, the DRZ has a strong mid range but doesn't continue to make power up top. You'll go faster by shifting early, instead of ringing it out to the limiter. An increased rev limiter will just add more wear and tear to your engine.
  15. Wisconsinite762

    2001 drz 400 e first proper ride - lacking power in the top end

    Stock gearing for an E model is 14/47