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  1. jms130

    First bike

    1973 - got a qa50 just like the one below. It started a life long obsession with motorcycles.
  2. Tomac is fun to watch when he is 'in the groove' .. reminiscent, to me anyway, of Scott Russell racing the Daytona 200 back in the day.
  3. jms130

    NBC sports SUCKS!!

    This is a screenshot from last night. Using sling to stream because Comcast thought they could increase prices every month and I wouldn't mind. Last night's stream would degrade then come back again to HD quality. Could have been better but overall it wasn't too bad.
  4. jms130

    Tubliss removed from BYOB

    still there at 11:14pm est
  5. Cycra's customer service is above and beyond anything I've ever experienced.
  6. Maybe I missed it, but will there be a 200RR race edition? A Beta 200RR would be my choice, most definitely
  7. jms130

    Tire Change DIY or Not?

    I like to use Murphy's Original Tire soap to lube the beads, Motion Pro Tire spoons and a bead buddy. I worked in a tire store changing 11R24.5 semi truck tires by hand, which helps too. It's the same process, basically. Just on a smaller scale.
  8. A cop can look up your license plate so all it takes is someone who has a buddy that will look up your plate numbers. I lost a plate once and some dude called me to come get my plate where late at night I ran into a ditch. I asked him how he got my phone number and he said, he just knows someone. Like others have said the less people online know of you the better.
  9. jms130

    rim job

    I had talked to http://www.fasterusa.com years ago about lacing a set of rims (on my hubs) and I thought, at the time, the prices were reasonable. Eventually just bought used wheels from ebay.
  10. jms130

    200RR / 125RR / XT250 Beta Canada

    Wonder how much it's gonna weigh? It seems it would be within 5lbs of the 125RR. **runs**
  11. jms130

    200RR / 125RR / XT250 Beta Canada

    ZF on the forks?
  12. jms130

    Do I really need to say it?

    Jason Anderson possibly injured today practicing at Glen Helen. Could they mean Thunder Valley? https://motocrossactionmag.com/breaking-news-jason-anderson-collides-with-rider-at-glen-helen/
  13. jms130

    New Beta’s

    Beta Progressive Valve?
  14. jms130

    2018 CRF250R - Off-Road Required Mods!!!

    Typo? What is this you speak of?
  15. jms130

    Ride feb 2-5

    I put an Acerbis 2.9 gal tank on my crf250x although when I filled the tank up at the pump for the first time, I only got 2.7 gallons. I consistently get 40 mpg, so allowing for .5 gallons for reserve, it should get 88 miles per tank. I've always wanted to ride Baja and was interested in how my 250x would compare. Thanks