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  1. dendvc

    Friday Club

    Yea the one and only, just checking up on the gang once in a while. Mark it's great to see you're still checking in. and Hayley says Hi to all Brett, did you get rid of the yellow sub? or did it finally sink? I still have the bike, at least I think it is still in the garage (though you can't see it under all the stuff) and it has not been out since the last DP trip we made. I did just got out the boy's DRZ 110 and went through it to put it up for sale, It is to small for him and I can't justify keeping it. I am also kicking around getting rid of H's quad and maybe even my bike. So is the rest of the group still around? Tampa crew, Mr Smooth, Don O, etc. doing any DP trips lately? or find any place better, closer?
  2. dendvc

    Friday Club

    Booo Lol
  3. dendvc

    hard rock ocala help

    I think it would "fly" better than the yellow sub. LOL Brett, if you want to come down and grab my WR you are welcome to. (hey it will probably be another year before I ride it:busted: )
  4. dendvc

    TPS How to Adjust?

    http://www.sendec.com/Maintenance+and+Meter+Products/806-10x+Tachometer-Hour+Meter/default.aspx best money spent, the tach is only good to about 7000 rpm though. but for setting the idle and adj the fuel screw it is great
  5. dendvc

    2003 yz forks on a 2004 wr???

    I have an opportunity for a set that has been revalved and resprung for my weight and riding type. I want to have mine done (they are stock) and this way I don't have to be without them.
  6. will it work??? from what I can find out the 03 YZ came with 46mm forks, and the 04 WR has 46mm forks. So they should slide right into the tree. or is there something that will screw with my thoughts?
  7. dendvc

    The number is 48..... (DonO)

    Happy B-day Don, I wish I would have caught this earlier. You coming down to my neck of the woods, could have gotten together for dinner or something.
  8. dendvc

    Myakka City Hare Scramble

    Don, I don't know about that.....I watched him pull a great dead start hole shot at DP. Then made himself REAL wide so chris couldn't get past him. OH, and they finished almost 2 min ahead of 3rd:thumbsup:
  9. dendvc

    noise YZ muffler

    WFOracer--- not to go off top BUT your avatar....45, 40 or 9 ????? and do you have the can??? I have the 40 and am waiting on BATF for the can:thumbsup: Sorry guys for the hi jack
  10. dendvc

    power now

    Put one on my 04 WR..... no difference, got the JD jet kit....BIG difference, I then put it back on after jetting and by the seat of pants I cant tell any difference. But I have left it in, because I didn't want a $90.00 waste of money just laying arround the garage (and to lazy to take it back out)
  11. dendvc

    Scott's SS filter on '06 YZF

    He was probably charging you $10.00+ for the filter (and had a case of them behind the counter) and to change the oil as often as most of us do, you will spend the cost of the bike in filters. You don't need to rejet for a oil filter (just make sure you are jetted right, It has seemes like most of the bikes come lean from the factory) Don't worry about being a newbie, I to was out of the sport for 20 yrs. when I bought my 04 WR I spent every hour I could reading everything on this site and it saved me the world of mistakes (ecept for the power now:busted: ) Heck, I find my riding style is like Im still on a 2-smoke:ride:
  12. :mad: but a 11hr run for me:thumbsdn:
  13. dendvc

    Lets see those street bikes

    I had a yamaha RD350 23+ yrsa ago. it had clip ons, 1up seat,fairing, ect. I was always proving how fast it was and doing my best to kill myself. After a dirt crash that I fractured 3 vert,left sholder blade, R colar bone and left feemer. I had a case of the mortality set in. I didn't ride for almost 20 yrs (but you never get it out of you) When I got back on a bike I took a friends Honda somthing 600RR for a ride and the next thing I new I was at 154 on some back roads. so I knew I cant stop myself, Thus the vegas (but I am looking at the 106 kit S&S just came out with ) and yea, I didn't think much of the orange and silver when I saw it in the book. But when I saw it in person, out in the sunlight, I fell in love.
  14. dendvc

    Lets see those street bikes

    Let's see if it works http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v503/dendvc/P6160015.jpg
  15. dendvc

    05 Wolverine

    Got my wife the 05-350 wolverine and just put a WARN 424 lock out on it. They preform a lot better in 2wd (and a lot more fun:ride: ) But next we will be going with a pipe and airbox.