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  1. OzarkRider417

    Acerbis Rally Pro Handguards

    Awesome! This is the first thing I plan on doing to mine once I pick it up in a few weeks! Thanks for all the info and pics!
  2. OzarkRider417

    Honda CRF250L....give it a chance...I did

    Oldmossyspokes - Appreciate all the time you put into these threads. I've been keeping up on all of them and will be purchasing the 250L next month "February". It's going to be my first bike at age 34. Greatly looking forward to it! Thanks again!
  3. OzarkRider417

    Good For Starting Out?

    Slolane, more great info. My commute is probably about 20 miles and it's all pretty well freeway. Speed limits between 60 and 65. All relatively flat though. I was wondering about a helmet. That's a good idea to have a separate one for road use. I will do that for sure. I'm definitely going to do the handguards too for trails as well as keeping my hands a bit protected from the wind.
  4. OzarkRider417

    Good For Starting Out?

    Thanks for the input. I was thinking would be a great starter and my son and I are taking a safety course this spring at a local University. Think it's a 3 day deal. Thought after a year or so I might get into a CBR250 or something road bike wise to take to work and back. It's a little too far Highway wise I think to take the CRF250L everyday. Thanks again, appreciate your response and input!
  5. OzarkRider417

    Good For Starting Out?

    So I am 34 years old and about 5'8" and 180 pounds. I was raised on quad but on the most part never touched a motorcycle. I am now catching the fever and am considering buying this Honda CRF250L next month. Seems like a great place to start as I can ride it on light trails, fields and street. Wanted something pretty versatile so I could get maximum seat time in and learn quickly. Also wanted something that wasn't going to be too much to handle as I am a beginner with motorcycles. I would eventually hope to move into something more track oriented and also eventually buy a street bike if some sort. I just want to be a confident rider before I do that. Based on that info, does this make the CRF250L a good choice you believe? I've had people pushing me in a million different directions and different bikes, but I feel pretty set on this one. I also feel like the lower seat height will help inspire a little extra confidence up front too. I've read every article and watched every video I can find and have failed to really find and concrete negative talk on this bike. Price point is good enough that I feel like once it's served it's purpose that I can easily sell it or keep it and come out okay either way. Also getting my 17 year old son a used bike of some sort as he's really interested in learning too and he's never touched one either. Any input or advice is greatly appreciated! Love reading these forums. Very informative. Thanks again!
  6. OzarkRider417

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Thanks for sharing the great info. I'm buying this bike next month for myself and already looking for ways to personalize it. It doesn't seem like there's a ton of stuff out there for it yet. I'm just now getting into bikes. I was raised racing quads and now at age 34 have decided I need some toys again. This seems like a solid bike to start on. Getting it for light trails and the ability to ride in the street giving me the opportunity for more seat time and quicker learning. Thanks again! Post more pics and links if you find more stuff!
  7. OzarkRider417

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    How much did the kit change the seat height? Also, where did you get the mirrors? Love that set up with the mirrors. Looks nice man!
  8. OzarkRider417

    Suzuki rmz250 Too Much For New Rider?

    I thought about a 125 as a good starter, but was afraid it might be too small for him.
  9. OzarkRider417

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Where did you get the graphics. Nice looking set up.
  10. OzarkRider417

    TTR 250 OR DR 350 ?

    Have you considered or looked at the Honda CRF 250L?
  11. OzarkRider417

    Suzuki rmz250 Too Much For New Rider?

    Thanks for all of the feedback. Greatly appreciated. Just wanting to make sure I get him into something that's not going to be too much bike for him starting out. 8 may have to check into the 450's. He will be doing mostly trails with a few small tracks mixed in. Thanks again.
  12. Quick question... my son (17 years old) is now wanting to get into dirt bikes with me. I found a really nice 2007 RMZ250 4-stroke and was wondering if that would be an okay bike for a starter? He's 5'9" 225lbs (football player) so a 150 is probably out of the question. Just looking for some outside advice / opinions. Thanks in advance!!