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  1. I was fortunate to be selected to join in on a Moab-Colorado dual sport ride. It is a unbelievable opportunity and for sure a "Bucket List" kinda of ride. The challenge I have is getting my bike or a rental bike to the start. I would much rather bring my own but the shipping quotes I have gotten thus far have been about $900-1000 round trip. I am reaching out to any for help. I would be willing to rent from an individual or company, provided i can afford it. I take very good care of my bikes and whatever I am riding. I have 44 years of riding/racing experience and over 35+ years working in the motorcycle industry. I respect other's property and expect to be held accountable for my own actions. The ride starts on August 31st and Sept. 4th in Moab, UT. I know its crazy, I really did not think I would be selected and I don't want this to be yet another opportunity I let slip by. Thanks in advance for any info or comments.
  2. Pictures of the welded mount.
  3. I did get a chance to ride and I think it's great. It is where the peg should have been placed to begin with. The cheap China footpegs are bendable, poorly constructed junk. Even just the way they mount has the peg sticking out an additional 1/2 to 1". I believe the welder cut at the base of the mount. I asked him to tuck it in 1 1/2 inches without losing any height. I might have been able to go a little more but I have no complaints. I will get a better pic of the mount and post it later.
  4. Lost On Row 1

    XR650L: Shorai Battery Relocation

    I completely agree with you, my Shorai has been working great. I did move mine to under the seat. I believe that some of the problems with the CDI's is due to it's location. Offroad, the back of the bike gets bounced around. Why put your battery and your CDI through that? My CDI is held into the air-box with velcro, doesn't move nor affect performance.
  5. Just got the mount back from the welder. The guy did a great job, I have no concerns of failure, Dude knows welding. I am happy with the results. I would have liked to go closer but was concerned about the peg folding up into the clutch cover in a crash. The cheepo pegs are temporary, I have ordered another set that may tuck in better. Thanks again for the input. I will give a ride report but since I was standing on the pivot point on the old mount the only change I expect will be the better platform. My foot / leg stays tucked in regardless of where the peg was. OLD New
  6. Lost On Row 1

    XR650L: Shorai Battery Relocation

    I also did this mod over a year ago and I am happy with the setup. I moved my CDI into the airbox and have had no issues at all.
  7. Thank you Hollerhead, that lines up with the info given by the welder I found to do the job. I will have the part on the bike Monday and will post pics. Thanks to all who gave input.
  8. Thanks for the input everyone. I will post up whatever happens, working on getting a peg bracket to work with.
  9. Nope, 172 wet. I ride it just like I have any woods bike, it's just a little heavy and has a tag. I do feel like it has drooped a little since I got it 2 years ago. Not big on jumps but it's gets air on fast jeep trails and the normal woods air.
  10. Maybe you can see it in this pic. [/url]">http://http://s1275.photobucket.com/user/dave_frederick1/media/IMG_20141209_142700434_zpsc873ceb2.jpg.html'>
  11. I have 2 things that concern me modifying the stock mount. 1. I believe it is a cast part. I am not a welder or metallurgist, but I think that can be an issue. 2. The way the mount slopes upward, it appears that it would lose some height in shortening it, the only way I can think of. I am surprised that someone hasn't addressed this by now. I can understand it not being an issue for everyone, but surely someone besides me has noticed this curb feeler design. So before someone says it, I will.....if I could buy a truck and a XC, CRF or YZ I would. I know my bike is heavy and the suspension is old and flexxy. But dang, I have been surprised what the bike will do and even how quickly it can do it. Thanks for the comments so far.
  12. Scott, some of the single I ride has me smacking the peg on something, rock, stump, small puppy or whatever. Also the peg is so far out that keeping your leg against the frame so you can squeeze a little when needed is almost impossible. It is my opinion that Honda used that mount so a kicker could clear. I stand up allot when riding offroad and I am standing on the pivot of the peg and not the peg. [/url]">http://http://s1275.photobucket.com/user/dave_frederick1/media/IMG_20141209_142730175_zps93d7667d.jpg.html'>
  13. I have searched the world wide web and I am coming up blank. The right footpeg mount is way out from the bike. I would like to tuck it in without losing any height to the mount. I believe the mount is cast so modifying the original could be tricky. Also just cutting and welding the mount closer to the bike will cost some height to the mount. I am not planning on getting a kicker so I am not concerned with kicker clearance. Has anyone seen a mod for the right footpeg? Thanks. I would like to put in a hi comp piston (1st over). I don't want to have pinging issues, can some of you experts suggest the best piston for the job. I don't plan on changing the cam. Thanks
  14. Lost On Row 1

    XRL650L,NX250/650,Transalp CDI REPAIR

    Hey B, Just wanted to thank you again for fixing my CDI about 5k off road miles ago. I believe moving it from the rear of the bike has really help preserve your work. Thanks.
  15. Lost On Row 1

    Honda XR650L 1993

    For what it is, it is great. Just have to remember what it is.