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  1. bmwpowere36m3


    CR hi-bends are popular... got a set of ProTaper ones.
  2. bmwpowere36m3

    Clutch sticking! Basket or internal hub

    Temp Fix = file the notches smooth
  3. bmwpowere36m3

    Circlip removal

    What they look like? Thin flat-screwdriver, feeler gauge, pick, needle nose pliers, etc...
  4. bmwpowere36m3

    My beloved DRZ got stolen. Now what? (Insurance Advice?)

    File police report, call insurance company and wait for them to settle claim. Then negotiate settlement if your unhappy with their offer. Have pictures and receipts of aftermarket parts you bought if they cover that sort if thing.
  5. bmwpowere36m3

    need help replacing 2004 suzuki drz400 rear wheel

    A new rim can be had for $100 or so (Excel), but then you should use new spokes and that's easily another $75.... plus labor. Best bet, find a used set of DRZ "dirt" wheels (21/18)... dime a dozen. SM ones are harder to find and nearly 2-3x the price.
  6. bmwpowere36m3

    Kyb rear shock swap!?

    The stock shock on most later model E/S models is very good, in terms of quality. It just needs to be sprung and revalved. It's a 50mm Showa, like those found on older CRF450s.
  7. bmwpowere36m3

    drz400sm with dirt rims speedo

  8. You referring to Rotella T6? Because my experience is similar, maybe not two hours. Say a season of trail riding, so 500-1500 miles (some street mixed in). Even if it drops to a 30wt... I bet it would stay near 30wt for the rest of its life. Generally, I run 15W-40 oils so they should have less VIs and they seem to hold up well. Years ago I did UOAs and such, (read a lot on BITOG)... but over the years I've never had an engine fail due to oil (nor have read documented failures). Maybe a lack of oil, but not a specific kind of oil or weight. In the big picture, total engine life, it probably doesn't make a big difference.
  9. bmwpowere36m3

    Easiest access to adjust rear shock preload

    Putting it on a stand makes it easier to spin the spring… remove the right side panel, give the rings a shot of penetrant, knock the top loose, put bike on stand (optional), spin spring by hand and look to see the lower ring is turning with the spring, knock top ring to lock them in place.
  10. bmwpowere36m3

    Speedo display disappeared?!? &%$#@!

    Besides the instrument connector plug being loose… I'm betting something inside on the PCB broke/loosened up/fried.
  11. I don't know if I'd consider it a "risk" as most road going bikes or dirt thumpers use motor oil in their transmissions… granted my experience is that the oil needs to be changed "more often" because it shears out of grade. Personally I use HDEOs (or heavy-duty diesel rated oil), like Rotella T or Delvac 15W-40 in everything, including lawn equipment. It works great, is cheap and has sufficient levels of ZDDP and detergents. Then again, other than trying Rotella T6 5W-40 (sheared very quickly, Grp III oil) and Mobil 15W-50, I didn't get much more mileage/hrs… so in my book is was just a waste of money for my needs. I'm sure oils like Motul 300V, (pure ester/PAO) are better… but are they worth 4x as much, do you get 4x the mileage/hrs out of them? Granted there's more to it than just mileage, but my bikes aren't that high-strung, used for racing, or expensive to be honest.
  12. ATF, motor oil (non-EC) or gear oil (non-EP for yellow metals) will all work in a MC transmission... and all have been used with success.
  13. bmwpowere36m3

    Easiest access to adjust rear shock preload

    Long thin punch and hammer to loosen top ring (between reservoir and frame), spin spring to adjust and then lock upper ring with punch hammer.
  14. bmwpowere36m3

    Things to look for when buying used for a newbie?

    Welcome, commonly asked question... search. DRZ-400 hasn't changed in its 15 years of production.
  15. bmwpowere36m3

    Zerex Asian antifreeze coolant in the DRZ-400?

    No, but there are very few PG coolants and most are labeled low-toxicity.