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  1. Yfzrider2007

    Yfz problem help!

    your chokes on or its your carb forsure, ive messed with the carb plenty on mine. gets annoying after awhile
  2. Yfzrider2007

    Can am outlander 800 vs modded 2003 400ex

    race the 2 and youll find out first hand compared to the stuff people will say on here.
  3. Yfzrider2007

    12 raptor 350 wont run

    wow, been awhile since ive posted.. anyways yep thatll do it. k&n's are notorious for sucking in dirt. All i ride is Uni.
  4. Yfzrider2007

    Honda 400EX owners

    nothing to say back bud?
  5. Yfzrider2007

    What first car/truck!?

    just wondering but do you have a car to drive to school? or is the van a everyday driver
  6. Yfzrider2007

    Raptor 350 compatible with these yfz450 parts?

    i believe beastly warrior has a banshee rear shock from what ive read from his past post.. dont know about his fronts though
  7. Yfzrider2007

    Honda 400EX owners

    you butthurt bud? 20 hours to seat the rings why are you saying break in? anybody can say they work on race quads big man.... did you know i work on ryan villopotos motorcross bike? also sorry about the spelling im on the computer so im not paying attention much.. you probably know so much more than me that must be why you bought a 400ex as a race quad LOL... also who says i race my bike so therefore i dont have to re ring every 20 hours like you think. call yamaha yourself and see how many hours they tell you to take it easy on a brand new quad to get it all broke in. 20 hours! how about that. but you probably dont know becuase youve never had anything newer than a 1998 rm 80
  8. Yfzrider2007

    What first car/truck!?

    or what might you be getting?
  9. Yfzrider2007

    What first car/truck!?

    dont know how i missed that. what is it?
  10. Yfzrider2007

    What first car/truck!?

    your very first post you said you said your dad wants to buy you the cheapest thing... but yet your getting up to 15k thats not the cheapest thing around... did you ever end up getting anything?
  11. Yfzrider2007

    What first car/truck!?

    did you just seriously say that? theres one in my driveway with 4 inch straight pipe edge attitude juice programmer afe intake system. annoying to drive something that big and if you dont need it dont buy it we only have it to haul a excavator lucky to get 14 mpg with the tuner on economical with nothing behind us
  12. Yfzrider2007

    Raptor 350 compatible with these yfz450 parts?

    on the shock question i dont know.. but on the exhaust question i think youd be better to just get a aftermarket one made for the raptor i dont think youd get much power same made stock pipe super constricted
  13. Yfzrider2007

    banshee price?

    yeah i mightve shot a little low because theres a bunch for sale in illinois for cheap but its clean long as it runs smooth id give him 3k
  14. Yfzrider2007

    Honda 400EX owners

    seriously dude lol! am i supposed to replace my crank every 20 hours to? that crr guy is something else i called yamaha and they said itll be around 20 hours when its broke in so take it slow till then. am i supposed to replace rings before i even break it in?