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  1. I'm NE Fort Wayne, close to New Haven. There is a guy that's mapped the whole state using gps and staying completely off main roads. All dirt roads, trails, lanes, etc but I lost the link. And it's destinations, like between Ft.Wayne and South Bend or similar. I need to get my 400 and 350 (XR's) titled and plated and then I want to run around exploring and finding whatever dirt roads, etc are around here. Here's a link to a nice riding site: http://www.riderplanet-usa.com/ We hit the southern most set of Michigans trail system, but it was 4 hrs away. Beautiful place, but lots and lots of whoops. If you don't go fast enough to string them together (I don't) its UP and DOWN all day long. LOL
  2. MLB007

    Rear brake won't engage

    new shoes ordered. Total duh moment. I took the arm off to paint the drum. and then put it on off where it was before. Duh. LOL THANKS!
  3. MLB007

    tail light xl 500

    Yes taillight should be on. They use a 2 step bulb so it's possible that the running light part is burned out. Try a new bulb first. Sounds like no brake light switch on the rear brake. usually is, so it might have failed. $15 part, 5 minute replacment.
  4. MLB007

    XR Crash Cam

    Confirms my belief that rocks SUCK!
  5. MLB007

    Dual Sport Brake Light Question (Confused)

    PLenty of guys here on their 3d, 4th, 5th LED. Vibration kills everything eventually.
  6. Poor mans torque wrench for any lightweight fastners, use ONLY the smallest (1/4"?) rachet and dont' use all 5 fingers. For almuminum fastners use 2 fingers only.
  7. MLB007

    xr400/600/650L front wheel

    17x3.5 black excel w/320mm rotor- barely used Ad in classifieds
  8. MLB007

    Ducati Dual Sport?

    I'm very interested in that. Far from ugly to me.
  9. Supposedly, you can start in Decatur and follow the river all way to St. Mary's, OH. But you have to cross some private land to do it.
  10. MLB007


    You know I usually come down on the side of reduced noise, but as I pointed out, removing the baffle is a LOT LESS noise than replacing the whole exhaust. Even douchebags might do well to note the DIFFERENCE.
  11. MLB007


    Standard douchebag
  12. MLB007

    1996 klr 250

    Need to post in in the Kawasaki area.
  13. MLB007


    Standard noise complaint response, but I don't think removing a baffle is making ANY bike loud enough to "get riding areas closed". Compared to most aftermarket exhausts, removing the baffle is at most maybe 1/2 as loud. And usually sounds good too.
  14. MLB007

    85 XR350R MODS SIMILAR TO XR400?

    Been a long time, but think I'm at 152/55 with Uni filter and opened exhaust.