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  1. eyeopenher

    Random pics.

    Wow. Where did you see this? That DST sticker is from jersey.... it's Dark Star Tattoo... the owner Richie Pan was an awesome dude. He passed away a few years ago. Crazy to see the sticker out in Colorado....
  2. eyeopenher

    Motorcycle gear, what do you wear?

    i had no idea DR. MARTENS makes motorcycle boots... http://www.drmartens.com/us/Men%252527s-Boots-%252526-Shoes/GARRICK/p/15252001 $320
  3. eyeopenher

    "The Recovery Room"

    the buell ulysses adventure bike i wanted also... hahahah but rather make my own and they stopped making them in 2007 i think...
  4. eyeopenher

    "The Recovery Room"

    around here, everyone said my crf was a "cute starter bike" or "i'd buy that for my wife to start on." lol i love people... i still kept up with them so let their gums flap.... but i also know some legit biker dudes, and from what they say, "the only bitch bike is when there is a bitch riding it!" lol truth right there... they let me ride along on the honda and on the zuke... and i repeat, these guys are some heavy hitting mother pluckers... not some support or sister club.... not that there is anything wrong with the support/sister club rider...
  5. eyeopenher

    "The Recovery Room"

    i sat on the yamaha bolt for shitz and giggles... the weight on that bike felt like it was all just an iron plate on the bottom of the frame... felt super heavy to me... the sporty was spot on... i am not comfy even on the dyna or the fxr... like the road king though... but once again, too heavy, too big... i suck!
  6. eyeopenher

    "The Recovery Room"

    i want a nightster 1200... then after i make her mine, i'd put the big bore kit on it... i would LOVE to do the dual sport sporty, but that would take more funds then i'll most likely have... but i like little bikes... i don't need no love seat yet... all my buddies that ride dynas were talking trash to me about it being a girls bike... but look at the numbers, then figure out the gearing... it holds it own... and my one buddy who has a sporty that has a little work, wipes the floor with the dyna's headlight... hahahaha i make them cringe when i blow by them on the DRZ... hahahaha i'd like to add, i am not a big guy... 5'9" and 180lbs... i hate sitting on baggers and goldwing type bikes... i feel unsafe... i don't know why... but a sporty, i am in the pocket and ready to roll...
  7. eyeopenher

    Dual Sport Type Helmets

    i always choose the goggles when temperatures permit... the visor extends my riding season for sure and makes riding a pleasure again... instead of saying to myself,"i'm freezing, but saving money on gas!" the WHOLE ride...
  8. eyeopenher

    Thumb throttle install?

    just gonna ask in here since its being talked about indirectly... can you go to the single cable with the quick turn tube when running a FCR??? not to hi-jack or twist the thread...
  9. eyeopenher

    Dual Sport Type Helmets

    i bought mine from motorcycle-superstore... i usually shop at motorcycle superstore, revzilla, or rockmoutainatvmc... rockymountain did not give you any points for buying it... motorcycle superstore worked out to be the best return on the purchase because i already had $60 worth of credit with them... as far as i have seen, besides motorcycle superstore, there is nothing really cheaper... some things here or there... but they seem to beat them all... every now and then, motorcycle closeouts has amazing deals... i got a jacket for almost half price though them... just have to look at their site regularly... sizing wise, its intermediate oval... so its does not pinch my head at all... i bought an XL because i always wear a sweat beanie... in the colder months i wear an alpinestar bacalava (love it by the way)... i bought some LARGE cheek pads in case during the summer i needed to tighten it up some due to no more winter head wear... but it seems to be fine... i would wear a large if it wasn't for my glorious doo doo brown (with quite a bit of grey!) locks... hahahaha
  10. eyeopenher

    Dual Sport Type Helmets

    the afx chin skirt and breath blocker fit the trekker.... makes winter riding sooooooooo much better... also the shields all fit... even the flip down external sun visor... its ok... makes the vision a little distorted... but when you really need it, it helps... i only used it a few times during winter months... i never tried it with the visor off though....
  11. eyeopenher

    Dual Sport Type Helmets

    you'll love it!
  12. eyeopenher

    What are the best street tires for the SM?

    i have had the pilot road 4's on for almost 2000 miles now... love them!!!! i commute on the bike and use it for my everyday running around.. the truck only get started up when i need to have the kids with me... the pilot roads are worlds better then the stock tires in my opinion... very confidence inspiring... i don't go to the track but i ride her pretty aggressively... no signs of wear or rounding even with my long straights... also they perform awesome on steel draw bridge crossings, tar snakes and all the other Jersey road hazards... cant wait to see how they do during the fall and winter months... i am running them with tubes and they do not feel any hotter then the stock tire when i shut her down... no clearance issues at all... plenty of room up front of the tire and the sides... i think its about the same size as the stock 140... numbers are not always the bottom line... surely learned that in the 18/21 wheel sets..
  13. eyeopenher

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    i have a battery tender extension cable running from where my battery tender lead is to my handle bars... then plug a usb tail into the battery tender end by the bars... ( its only a 2" wire with a battery tender end and a weather proof USB plug)... whenever i park the bike, i put it on the battery tender, so this makes me unplug my 12v power supply from the bars... poor mans switch... and i didn't have to put another connection onto the battery... i have two on there already, and its pretty tight...
  14. eyeopenher

    Dual Sport Type Helmets

    on sale for $99 FLY TREKKER DS 2014 model... http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/36189/i/fly-racing-trekker-ds-helmet---2014
  15. eyeopenher

    Dual Sport Type Helmets

    +1... cant argue about that...