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  1. 94 dr250S with 26,500 miles - never been in the motor, valves staying put, oil changes every 1500-2000 miles with Rotella T6, owned the bike for 6 years bought it with about 10,000 miles on the clock, Suzi used to do lots of commuting- but it is just quicker and easier to drive the car - she was relegated to pure dirt bike duties with lower gearing and full on knobs and pretty much goes where all the KTM's go. then a month ago I pulled the trigger on a Honda CRF 450x - talk about different ends of the spectrum Suzi (tame as can be), CRF (fire breathing dragon) Sadly suzi just sits there with a lonely look on her face whispering you used to love me...
  2. minnesota

    Snake creek off of 61 near Winona has some pretty good trails/ elevation and then 5 miles further trout valley ? trout creek? Nemadji and Akely are where you go to RIDE
  3. minnesota

    Yes that was a incredible spring ride - perfect conditions, perfect weather and 780 ridin buddies - what could be better ?
  4. Looks like you must be near Bend - I see Mt Bachelor in the background