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  1. dadkins1

    Tire problem

    Ive had to go up to 70-80 pounds before and smack it with a rubber mallot on the face hitting the tire outward - Sedona's were the TIGHTEST tires i have ever mounted
  2. dadkins1

    1993 DR350 compression test...etc...

    Hurts like a kitten ? Purrs perhaps ?
  3. dadkins1

    Coolant overflow tank

    Nice one DarrelllH3 - That is some good hardware store/backwoods engineering there! Mine has a catch tank but i never see any antifreze in it ? rads are full.
  4. dadkins1

    What's a CRF 450 X like in the woods?

    I came off a dual sport 250 that is actually 15 pounds heavier than the x -the x feels light to me, especially the front wheel when you give it some gas. We ride tight singletrack and some double track and forest roads I thought it was a pretty good woods bike till I rode my buddies KTM's (big mistake) that 2 stroke 300 is a WOODS BIKE if ever there was one. Limited budget - got a great deal on the x - love the power ! It does a little better on the more open trails and I can see where this would be a blast in the desert till the headshake starts and requires a steering damper.
  5. dadkins1

    Are 98 dr250r capable of jumping jumps

    Not afraid to flog my DR - 94 with very similar suspension. I have got to say. Not great on a moto track - Suzi is not so fond of big air. Now take her in the woods and she is a beast
  6. dadkins1

    Other high mileage DR's?

    94 dr250S with 26,500 miles - never been in the motor, valves staying put, oil changes every 1500-2000 miles with Rotella T6, owned the bike for 6 years bought it with about 10,000 miles on the clock, Suzi used to do lots of commuting- but it is just quicker and easier to drive the car - she was relegated to pure dirt bike duties with lower gearing and full on knobs and pretty much goes where all the KTM's go. then a month ago I pulled the trigger on a Honda CRF 450x - talk about different ends of the spectrum Suzi (tame as can be), CRF (fire breathing dragon) Sadly suzi just sits there with a lonely look on her face whispering you used to love me...
  7. dadkins1

    Riding Areas south of the cities

    Snake creek off of 61 near Winona has some pretty good trails/ elevation and then 5 miles further trout valley ? trout creek? Nemadji and Akely are where you go to RIDE
  8. dadkins1

    Mike Pohl Memorial Ride Theilman, MN

    Yes that was a incredible spring ride - perfect conditions, perfect weather and 780 ridin buddies - what could be better ?
  9. dadkins1

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Looks like you must be near Bend - I see Mt Bachelor in the background