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  1. dmonster

    2004 raptor 660 jetting

    My raptor bogs slightly in the low tomid rang but runs great onthe top end. Not sure what jetting i should be running. Bike has stock exhaust with an K&N filter without airbox lid, riding at sea level. Im thinking the pilots are to big, but i havent looked to see what size are in it yet. Any ideas what size jets should be in it?
  2. dmonster

    2011 Rmz 250 programming

    I know that, but why does need the choke when warm? But it only sometimes need the choke to start when warm. This is my first 4 stroke along with first fuel injected bike. So im really lost on how to fix it.
  3. dmonster

    2011 Rmz 250 programming

    Ill try putting some sealent on the flange, it was a tight fit between the header and the silencer. Any ideas on having to use the choke when starting while hot?
  4. dmonster

    2011 Rmz 250 programming

    Im really hopeing that a shim job will do
  5. dmonster

    2011 Rmz 250 programming

    So i rode it for the first time today. As it got hot it was hard to start, and i had to use the choke to start even when hot. It was also starting to backfire some when letting off the throttle to by the end of the day. Not sure if its the valves or if its needs a programmer. Seemed to run awsome other than those two things, im leaning towards the valve clearence over the programing though.
  6. dmonster

    2011 Rmz 250 programming

    thanks for the offer, but if it doesnt need the programmer, i think ill hold off at the moment. and just run it the way it is. thanks for the info guys
  7. dmonster

    2011 Rmz 250 programming

    for that would i send him my ecu? or is something i download on my computer?
  8. dmonster

    2011 Rmz 250 programming

    i wasnt sure, this is my first fuel injected bike. so i dont know much about them. thanks for the info
  9. dmonster

    2011 Rmz 250 programming

    hey guys, im sure this has been gone over befor on here. i just couldnt find much. i just bought a 2011 and it has a megabomb header, and i just ordered a fmf hex 4 silencer to go with it. will it need a programmer to get it to run right or can i go with out? would getting a different coupler help? im new to the whole 4 stroke efi suzuki dirtbike thing. thanks in advance
  10. has any one tried the $100 ebay nitro shocks on their banshee? was thinking about getting a set, but dont want to wast $100 if they arent anybetter then stock shocks. any input is welcome
  11. dmonster

    Yamaha best exhaust for yfz450

    hey guys im getting my first yfz in the next couple days. its a bone stock 05. was wondering what ghe best exhaust is, with out destroying my ear drums when i ride it. i want a good power with less noise than most of the after market pipes. any suggesuions are welcomed.
  12. dmonster

    Yamaha yfz450 cam mod

    whats the purpose of the cam mod on the yfz 450?
  13. dmonster

    Trail banshee in the CHEAP!

    ive been riding my banshee on the tight trails for about a year and half now. in that year ive wrecked about 5 times, bent my bumper and small portion of my frame, and broken a hand from a different wreck. i would look for a four stroke to ride. im in the search for right now my self.
  14. dmonster

    yfz450 vs kfx450r

    not straying at all. i appreciate the options you gave. but both of the those bikes are little on the heavy side for me. i have a smaller trailer and have to puck the bikes up and turn em side ways.
  15. hey guys, im looking at buying a 450 to go along with my banshee. the 450 will mostly be rode on the trails and some on yhe sand and track. i havent heard much about the kfx, and heard alot about the yfz's. any info on what might work better for this type of riding is helpfull. thanks in advance