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  1. waltersobchak

    Looking for riding buddies in the Triad

    Sub'd to this thread. Just moved to Greenville. Unfortunately there isn't much woods riding out this far east. I'll be making a trip to Brushy Mountain sometime soon.
  2. waltersobchak

    Through ride

    I'm interested doing a through ride of something like Red Bird Crest Trail, or something similar. Trying to find a ride that is 75+ miles long, with some challenging single track, and within a days drive of Central Indiana. Does anyone know of any place other than Red Bird Crest Trail?
  3. waltersobchak

    Question for a novel I'm writing

    What is your characters sexual orientation. If he was a total baddass who women want to be with and guys be like he'd ride a YZ 250. If he preferred to lay with other men he might ride an orange bike. Just saying
  4. waltersobchak

    Indiana Riders/Racers: Questions

    Redbird Offroad park in Dugger, IN (state owned property), Lincoln Trail Motorsports in Casey, IL, Badlands in Attica, IN, Lawrence County Recreation park in Springville, IN. IN BMV sells the $30 offloading registration tags, they are good for 3 years. Plenty of series to race: IXCR, MWXC, Crossroads, GNCC has 2 rounds in IN
  5. waltersobchak

    2013 yz450f WER steering damper

    Yeah, the post clamps around the testing stem, below the upper triple clamp. Only issue I ran into is the bolt that holds the front # plate on doesn't fit any more. Need to find a bolt without the built in flange on it.
  6. waltersobchak

    2013 yz450f WER steering damper

    GPR makes one. The mount replaces the stock handlebar mounts.
  7. waltersobchak

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Not sure how far you are from Waterloo, IA, but this endurocross looks fun. Like 7 hour drive for me though. http://www.sevenfourpromotions.com/extreme-enduro.html
  8. waltersobchak

    Question about springs

    Bought the 6.1 from Factory Connection. Went for a ride Saturday and pretty happy with it. Bike was good before, but is just generally better all around now. Lot more confidence in the bike now.
  9. waltersobchak

    Question about springs

    Factory Connection doesn't have an online spring rate calculator, so I sent an email and asked what they would recommend. Here is their reply Thanks for the e-mail. I would agree with the STD .47kg fork springs. Shock Spring we'd use 6.1kg We do not make a 6.0kg I think the 6.1kg is perfect for you. Rider Sag 106mm is what we recommend. Part # ALS-0061 - Shock Spring, FC 6.1kg $119.95
  10. waltersobchak

    Question about springs

    2013 yz450
  11. waltersobchak

    Question about springs

    I used the race tech calculator to see what it recommended for springs for my weight. Stock fork sprigs are .47, RT recommends a .468 Stock Shock spring is 5.7, RT recommends a 6.0 I entered a body weight of 205, 30-44 years old, intermediate trail/enduro rider, standard height, oversize fuel tank. Just looking for a second opinion on the fork springs. Based off the RT calculator they should be good. I'm just not understanding why the shock is that far off and the fork is almost perfect.
  12. waltersobchak

    What is the single best mod you have done to your YZ?

    I just installed Millville-2's front and rear and rode them 2 days ago. The rear is in the soft direction. Pretty happy with their performance, especially since it was only $117 for the set. I was closer to 12psi in the rear though. Next on the list is most likely springs for my weight.
  13. In 2 or 3 sentences, what is your favorite mod you have done to your YZ?
  14. waltersobchak

    Need aftermarket radiators for YZ450 2014

    I'm actually running Unabiker guards as well. Fitment was just as good as stock. I didn't have to make any holes bigger, or struggle to get any bolts in. They do look a little bigger than the OEM radiator, but not much. Holds about the same amount of coolant.
  15. waltersobchak

    Need aftermarket radiators for YZ450 2014

    I used one of these when I destroyed my right side radiator http://m.mishimoto.com/yamaha-yz450f-braced-aluminum-dirt-bike-radiator-10-12.html Fit exactly like OEM and Unabike radiator guards for up perfectly as well. No complaints, would buy again if I needed another radiator.