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  1. get some flush mounts on ebay !!! if i could post a pic i would.
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    anybody looking for a 93 or 94 klx650r... not the tame street version.. the full off road. it does have a baja kit and it is VT reg so it has been run on the road with no problems. bike has very low hours on it but has been sitting in my garage for 2 years. it starts but pops.the carb needs a cleaning out because the gas sat in it. i was going to make it into a supermoto project but got a great deal on a ktm. i was the last one to ride it and it ran 100% has quiet a bit of after market stuff on it. make an offer !! i'm located on long island NY.
  3. i took everything out of my stock pipe one at a time to see how it made a diff the best thing is take everything out and leave the packing in the rear of the pipe but cut away the baffle. the packing keeps the pipe from sounding tinny. then the pipe from the end cap cut it off at the base of the end cap. now the bike feel much much snappier and its not loud till you get on it.