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  1. I have a couple of riding name brand jerseys ( MSR and Fly) and they are vented and comfortable to wear on hot days. I also have solid color vented, long sleeve, moisture wicking jerseys that I bought at Walmart that do as good a job as the " motorcycle" jerseys. Sometimes I do feel a bit odd in the bike jerseys ( not a big fan of the wild colors and prints) but when riding in a big group I feel out of place with the Walmart jerseys. Don't know why but just do.
  2. If your gear is getting beat beyond the point of it doing what it was intended to do, try EBay or Craigslist for lightly used gear. I wouldn't hesitate to buy used gear ( other than a helmet) to get me through. Rent and other essential bills come first, dirt biking is a luxury. I see moto gear for sale all the time on Craigslist, a lot of times the stuff looks like new.
  3. Two of my riding buddies wear black suspenders also!
  4. Yeah Eli definitely seemed rattled when he stopped to fix his pants, but I could see that happening, I mean come on, how many times have you had an issue with your pants malfunctioning? He had to be thinking " this can't be happening". It sucks for him but now he has to put that all behind him and get back to it. P.S. It was cool to see KR do well. Not sure how long it will last but good to see him do well.
  5. I agree that Eli should have backed it down but I think there are some racers who get out of sync when they back it down. I think Eli is one of those guys. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Yeah the pants thing was really weird.
  6. Two entirely different races. You can't really compare Dakar ( a one time race) to a series (GNCC) as far as support goes. And wife or girlfriend gassing your bike? Not the big boys. They all have full time mechanics. As for a worldwide stage, yes Dakar has a worldwide stage, and, like I pointed out, it's a one time race that takes an extraordinary amount of money to compete at, just because of the shear logistics of it. I could go on, but quite honestly, I'm not going to change your mind. Beta wants to sell to the younger crowd in the states? Win some races or better yet win a series.
  7. Just a note, I can watch GNCC on TV. The channel also shows some endurocross ( although I really don't pay attention to it much) and MXGP races. Before you talk about GNCC being small scale you might want to check one out, as they pull huge crowds. If you believe that off road racing is small time in the U.S. you may want to look into what KTM/Husky is paying out to their top riders. It ain't chump change and I'd be willing to bet it's on par with what the top Euro's are getting.
  8. If you are into enduros, Ed Hertfelder's stuff was gold! I have two of his books, one is his later stuff, but the other relates to some early (think 60's and 70's) New Jersey enduro riding. Funny stuff. Dirt Rider lost me when Ken Faught became editor, the guy just rubbed me the wrong way. Constantly name dropping ("I'm friends with Jeremy McGrath") and seemed to focus a lot more on the mx side of things.
  9. I believe your bait has gone bad good sir.
  10. My house borders land that many people use for riding. I cringe every time I hear a dirt bike ripping down the road and going up my driveway into the woods. I try to talk to everyone I meet that goes back there and tell them to take it easy on the road and my driveway. Most listen and understand that I can block access at anytime. I don't want to, and haven't had to yet. A few years ago the racing four wheeler crowd found the area ( and my driveway) and were tearing it up pretty good. I finally had to put a sign on the trail off of my driveway saying " if you do not respect my driveway I will close the area off". Almost overnight the nonsense stopped. Usually it's the younger crowd that rip down the road " but if I go fast the cops won't catch me!" and I explain that if you putt down the road in a high gear low rpm no one will give you second glance, but if you rip down the road people get upset (rightfully so) and call the cops. Most listen, some need a refresher, but all in all it's been pretty good here.
  11. The ramblings of a mad man.
  12. There are a couple of issues that have been touched on, one being that there are no affordable entry level bike. There are ( think CRF 125, TTR 125 etc. etc.) but who wants those? We've been told that in order to have fun ( or win races) that we must have the latest greatest. I'll take my son for example, he rode when he was a kid, got out of it when he was 14 or 15. Got bit by the bug again last year and wanted a bike, not just any bike, but a 2017 Husky TC 125. I had suggested that he maybe find something used that would be good in the woods where we ride, but that got shot down quickly. He believed that no other bike was worth looking at, and since he was an adult (28 years old) and it was going to be his money, hey buy what you want. But the attitude that the younger crowd has, that you can't be caught dead riding something old, is why entry level bikes don't sell like they used to. It's not about price or technology ( well I guess technology somewhat) it's about latest and greatest. The other thing that is killing this sport, that cannot be denied, is land use issues. Face it, if you ride off road ( not MX) you use a big chunk of land. Gone are the days where you could ride around the neighborhood connecting wooded areas and no one would even give you a second glance. Now a days it's almost ingrained in people that they have to complain about something. Manufactures want to help? Work with the BRC and other agencies who fight to keep land open for those of us that ride. Sponsor a ride day at a local legal riding area where you bring out some demo bikes and let people give it a try. And I'm not talking about "race bikes" but all manner of bikes. Honestly, I think that the Japanese manufactures saw the writing on the wall in the late 1980's and scaled back there off road lines. KTM was there to pick up the slack, and now other European manufactures are getting back into it. That's good and all but if there is no place to ride all the technology in the world will do no good.
  13. Read my last sentence. You heard? Good for you, I hear a lot of things, don't mean they're true. I have asked you before to put your money where your mouth is and name names and report this stuff to the people that need to hear it, but I guess your just happy to come on here and talk about what you heard and saw. Do the right thing.
  14. Did Bob Hannah take Peds? How about David Baily? Ricky Johnson? Marty Smith? Why is it that some people can't except that one rider either has more talent, more drive or more determination, or combination of all, than everyone else? Are there Peds in pro motocross/supercross? Don't know, but I have yet to see any hard facts showing there are and until I do I'll leave it alone.
  15. I have some Tusk stuff. Have their chest protector ( they don't sell it anymore) and knee/shin guards. Bought Nuetron brake pads for years now, cheap and work great. Only thing I had a problem with was a shift lever I bought, had a Sunline on there that lasted a long time and I replaced it with the Tusk lever. When I put it on it seemed a bit loose fit almost like it wasn't pushing on all the way or maybe bottoming out before it should. Rode with it a few times and checked it and just seemed sloppy to me. Ended up taking it off and replacing with a stock part.