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  1. katoom64

    Trail clearing tool transport

    I use these three items quite a bit for trail maintenance. I will generally walk most of the trails and carry these in a small back pack.
  2. Jeez, hope he didn't hurt his arm slapping himself on the back! Really hope this doesn't come back to bite him in the a$$!
  3. katoom64

    Basic Trail Side Tools?

    I guess it would depend on where you are riding ( how far away from the truck are you going to get?), what you're riding ( four stroke, two stroke) and what shape is the bike in. At minimum I would carry a spare spark plug and wrench along with some basic tools such as wrenches that fit common bolts on the bike, pliers, some kind of cutting device ( knife, side cutters, etc. etc.) and maybe some kind of adjustable wrench for those oddball bolts.
  4. katoom64

    MA Riders

    Yup. I know. It's sad that NETRA has so many members that could make a difference yet they are more focused on events. I did a few trail maintenance events back in the early 2000's but when the state blocked us out of Savoy because of what the four wheeler group did there I figured out that no matter what we ( dirt bikers) did as far as maintenance it wouldn't matter. Don't get me wrong, there are some involved in NETRA who do their best to stem the tide but honestly it's like shoveling s4it against the tide.
  5. katoom64

    Stolen Bike. Mass/CT line Move post if in incorrect area

    Dirty Ba$$tards. I'm in central Ma., will keep my eyes open. Lots of bikes stolen, Facebook has one listed almost weekly. Scour Craigslist, not just under motorcycles but also atv's as thieves sometimes are pretty stupid. Good luck.
  6. katoom64


    I don't have an actual picture of him, just can remember the first time he and his dad came over to my house to ride and can picture him sitting on his bike while I got ready to go. We went our separate ways in high school when he got into some stuff I wanted no part of. Saw him a few years ago and it sounded like he was trying to get his life together.
  7. katoom64

    Your oldest dirt bike photo ..

    I'll work on it, my wife has this funny habit of moving things just about the time I figure out where they are! I don't know if she does it unknowingly or if it's some kind of game!
  8. katoom64

    Your oldest dirt bike photo ..

    Somewhere I have a picture of me on my first bike (minibike) a Gemini 90. Probably taken in 1974 or 75, I'll have to see if I can dig it up. I'm 54 now and the longest I have gone without owning a dirt bike was 3 months! I was waiting to take delivery of my new 1989 ATK 250!
  9. katoom64


    Really nice! Odd that this is posted now as I had a friend in school who I rode with on occasion and he had that bike ( only green ), he just passed last week. When I heard about his passing my first thought was picturing him on his Honda.
  10. katoom64

    MA Riders

    Snowmobile users are not under the environmental eye as they are operated on snow so not an equal comparison. NETRA is supposed to be looking out for the off road dirt bike user but honestly they seem only interested in promoting events. Local clubs do what they can but when you've been played by the state too many times you become reluctant to deal with them anymore. NETRA went along with the current laws regarding registration, buying the state's lies about money going back to make/ improve trails, only to have ridiculous restrictions put on the trail user, like having to be registered even on one's own property. And don't even get me started on the requirement of dual registrations ( both street and ATV) in order to ride enduros or turkey runs . A blatant attempt by the state to curb off road riding in the state.
  11. katoom64

    3rd Person POV

    This is a little clip from my son's GoPro. Me leading.
  12. katoom64

    3rd Person POV

    Massachusetts. Pretty heavily forested where we ride.
  13. katoom64

    3rd Person POV

    Really nice! Loved the drone footage. Where we are there are so many trees you couldn't see the bikes going on the trails!
  14. katoom64

    MA Riders

    While I will continue to ATV register my bike ( even though it's street registered) the whole ATV registration was a sham. Money, we were promised, to go to make new trails and improve existing trails. Anyone from Ma. see anything being done with regard to the legal trails? Nope. Just another tax with no benefit. I will continue to play by the rules though. Honestly if you supported this whole registration scheme ( which by the way effects your rights to ride on your own property!) you got scammed.
  15. In 2010 I went to a national enduro up in Maine and had to stay overnight. Second floor room in the motel ( first floor rooms were all booked). I ran padlocks through each brake rotor and by the time I was done running cables and locks it looked like Spiderman visited the back of my truck. I also threw a tarp over the bike and stacked my bike stand and other items so the outline of the bike wasn't as obvious. Still slept like crap.