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  1. Wow some of you guys ragged on Muskie because he rode like a puss, now he slams Tomac and takes the win and suddenly he's the dirtiest rider on the planet!
  2. Awesome bike! Just wondering, but is your front brake line routed correctly? Can it go on the inside of the fork? Less chance it would get snagged.
  3. I raced NETRA hare scrambles for 5 years in the mid 80's, fun times and wouldn't trade them for anything, but now it's all about trail riding for me. If they have a Turkey run or Poker run format event, try those, still get the "community" feel of the event without the go for broke intensity. Ride as fast (or slow) as you like, with a group or on your own, very flexible.
  4. This is what I do now, but have used gas, diesel and kero to get out all the old oil and have never had a filter come apart. I was told to never use super hot water but have used warm/hot water to rinse with no ill effects.
  5. That is all true. We do a poor job of representing ourselves. However when this law was first proposed many people in NETRA were against it. They knew the state would not deal with us fairly, and sure enough, they haven't. Unfortunately, at the time, the heads of NETRA thought that they were dealing in good faith with the state and thought that we (atv, dirt bike riders) maybe would be getting some return on our investment. Nope. Deal with the devil and this is what you get. Now although I did not attend the meeting in Sturbridge (wife was going through medical issues at the time) I have written numerous e mails to representatives regarding off road riding in this state. I have signed petitions for Ma. and Ct. to try to keep riding land open. It won't help. Ma. right now is a lost cause. Until the political landscape changes in this state we are destined to be pushed aside farther and farther. Just the way it is.
  6. That link is old, that being said,the lie that our registration monies are going to help build and maintain new trails is pure B.S. Our money is being used against us. If you look at the number of EPO's and their equipment now ,as opposed to 10-15 years ago, is a joke. I have no issue with registering my bike with the state IF I ride on their land. If I'm riding on land that I own or have legal permission to ride on ,sorry no money for you! CT. has been dealing with the same situation, they have to register but the only "legal" riding is at Thomaston Dam and that's run by the Army Corp of engineers. I'm not certain but I believe when CT. passed the law regarding ATV registration, there was a part that read something to the effect of " the monies taken in from ATV registration must be used to make areas for ATV use". That has not happened, and will not happen. They , like Ma., have made a deal with the devil, and the devil reneged.
  7. The money aspect aside, I feel this is unconstitutional that the EPO's can go onto your property without a warrant to "check" to see if your machine is registered. As for organized events, they should be exempt. They are organized controlled events that are being run on land that the organizers have permission to be on. Oh one more little kick in the pants for you, even if your bike is street registered, you need to register it as an ATV in order to ride anywhere off road. Yes even on your own property. NH is looking better and better every day.
  8. motocross

    Wow, I thought Red's bait was bad, looks like we have a new winner!
  9. motocross

    You and Red need some new stuff. Tomac will be lucky if he doesn't crash hard enough to examine his own butthole.
  10. Some days old friend, other days arch enemy!
  11. Worn but still going!
  12. 28oz? You guys are crazy! I started with a 20 oz moved up to a 22 and have had it ever since. Estwing, after 25 years it's looking quite worn now but it fits my hand like a glove!
  13. So your "fast" guy isn't winning championships? What to do, what to do? I know let's change the points system so my guy will win!
  14. I think this is what it's all about. If you like the track and everything is clicking, sometimes it will feel like you're not even trying, but you whoop everyone. It's the times when things aren't going your way and you have the sense to ride for second or third place that makes smart champs.
  15. I think that Eli's speed is partly responsible for his inconsistencies. He pushes right at the envelope and continues to do that and therefore he tends to go down a lot. Smart riders know that he can't race like that throughout a whole season so they will trade off wins in favor of championships. Dungey did it and now JA will too, if he's smart. Mind blowing speed does no good when you spend time laying in the dirt. Just ask JS7.