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  1. My son has a 2017 Husky TC 125 (19 inch rear wheel) and the rear tire is starting to chunk and break knobs off. Anyone have a good option for a 19" tire for New England terrain?
  2. offroad

    Red's a good bloke, just uses stale bait, but a good guy none the less.
  3. The WRX was a mid year model. It was introduced mid 85. The original WR 400 was a twin shocked, drum braked bike. Great solid bike, awesome motor and decent suspension, but alas this was the era of the single shock so Husky introduced the WRX 400, single shock and I believe front disc brake. Same motor but just about everything else changed.
  4. Did you try to put the air screw back where it was? The air screw can be used to make minute adjustments so I find it hard to believe that a half turn would throw the bike off that much. I would set the air screw back where it was and see how the bike runs.
  5. My son and I went riding this morning ( left the house around 10 am) trying to beat the heat. We didn't. I was sucking swamp water after 20 minutes!
  6. O'Reilly's and Advance Auto parts places both carry Lucas oils products. With them open 7 days a week I don't worry about 2 smoke oil anymore.
  7. Yeah most of my groups conversation would be family inappropriate!
  8. I have just started to record my rides ( bought a cheap $70 camera) and I have been shutting it off at stops and forgetting to turn it back on. I'm going to leave it running from now on. Some of the conversation on the stops is just as good as the riding!
  9. I've been using it for a little over a year now and very pleased. I just trail ride also, low throttle stuff and was getting huge amounts of spooge with Bel Ray H1R. Switched to Lucas semi synthetic and much less spooge and the bike seems to run better.
  10. Huge thumbs up for Deano! That was really cool.
  11. Yup great product but definitely needs more oil before use. I have actually cleaned these and re used them.
  12. My son and I take a break. Great day.
  13. Beautiful trails! Great riding too. Good on you to stop and help your fellow racers. All in all great video!
  14. motocross

    My understanding of the injury is that he already had a plate in the collarbone and broke it near the plate. Maybe nothing but then again maybe it's not as easy a fix as just a broken collarbone. Time will tell.
  15. Raced hare scrambles from 85 to 89, no desire to do that anymore. Just want to go at my own pace, stop when I want to, go when I want and generally just enjoy the ride. A couple of years ago I started doing Turkey Runs ( organized, route sheeted trail ride, think enduro with no timekeeping) and they are a blast! Ride alone or with friends or just jump onto the tail end of a group with similar pace , all great fun!