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  1. crackedframe

    Any luck selling modded bike

    keep it i wish i had my 100 still
  2. crackedframe

    Paddle Tire????

    i sugest that you get a bigger bike before you get a paddle tire. Your xr wont have the power to pull one. It would be better if you just keep the tire you got on and use that.
  3. hey guys i was wonderin if you have to adjust the valves all the time on them. I am contemplating selling my 05 yz 250f and i have adjusted them one time after 6 months of riding hard 4 times a week. Is the ktm like this or a little higher maintenance
  4. crackedframe

    A Fellow Rider Needs Help !!!

    The same damn thing happens to me on my 05 it makes a horrible nois every time i shift and im a little worried to
  5. crackedframe

    Breaking in 4 strokes

    ride it like your gonna race it you want good ring seal
  6. crackedframe

    New bike!!

    man i beat the hell out of mine. at least i did
  7. crackedframe

    2005 250f bog

    isnt the leak jet the accelerator pump jet? im all confused now.
  8. crackedframe

    2005 250f bog

    i messed with my ''fuel screw'' today and it is a little better but not much
  9. crackedframe

    2005 250f bog

    no man i like my bike idling high
  10. crackedframe

    Another grenaded 250R motor!

    Buy A yamaha
  11. crackedframe

    2005 250f bog

    is that what could be causing the thing to be hard to start?
  12. crackedframe

    2005 250f bog

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh makes sense
  13. crackedframe

    Hot Start 4 yz 250f

    you take the discumbobulator, connect it to the engine mechanism, spin the rotary valve then hit the gas.
  14. crackedframe

    doing a top end

    I bet your fat
  15. crackedframe

    2005 250f bog

    Ok so im gonna try that tomorrow mornin but where is the air screw at? Thanks for the help guys.