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  1. drzpilot15

    remove that clutch switch!!!

    So I raced in the Elsinore GP last weekend and took a bad spill on lap 1. The first casualty was all of my clutch lever but a little 1/2" nub. Not even enough to get one finger on. Normally you would be able to hit the start button and keep on going. NOT WITH THE CLUTCH SAFETY SWITCH! That's right, couldnt pull the clutch in to activate the switch. Should've listened to Burneds advice from the start and unplugged the little bugger. Save yourself the headache and remove.
  2. I'm gonna take my bedliner out and see how thick the double wall is. If there's enough room, I'm gonna buy a couple of rail mounted anchors and cut away. I could give a shiot about resale depriciation. I just dont wanna lose a bike on the freeway.
  3. drzpilot15


    I read the article on that Raptor. They used a small t02 or t03 turbo and got the HP up to 70 bhp. Trinity Racing has a 770 big bore kit for them now that also boosts the power up to 70 bhp. No replacement for displacement.
  4. drzpilot15

    SV650 dirt bike

    THAT THING IS FLIPPIN BAD!!!! Could you imagine doing that to a SV1000?!? watch out fire roads!
  5. I have a 2004 Dakota with the hooks down on the floor too. What rocket scientist at Dodge designed that? Two bikes in the bed and they're waving hello to you in the back of my bed!
  6. drzpilot15

    Before Race Rituals

    drink lots of fluids 24 hours in advance but not an hour before the race.(sucks to ride with a full bladder @ race speed.)Go over every nut and bolt on the bike, check tire psi and have a friend go over the bike again to catch what you might have missed. Make sure the fuel petcock is in the "on" position. Make sure you have fuelled.(its a long push back to the truck.) Circle the bike three times clockwise and mount the bike on the left side. (If you've been plagued all week with bad luck, the only way to break the cycle is to get a running start and mount the bike from the rear ala Red Rider style.) I dont suggest this in the paddock, laughter may insue.
  7. drzpilot15

    any news in brian deegan?

    Strictly rumormill but the word going around is a chick in the 951 claims that Deegan has AIDS and is keeping it really secretive.He has someone else picking up his meds to keep it on the DL. Sounds to me like one of his flings has a grudge and wants to tarnish his name.
  8. drzpilot15

    Anaheim 1 questions

    stay away from the cheap seats. in the upper level, you'll be lucky to see what make the bike is, let alone who's riding it. The club level is good, terrace isnt too bad. if you end up on the ground (field level), try to get a seat under the overhang, otherwise you'll be subjected to little sh!ts dropping ice creams, sodas and such onto you from above. Anything on field or terrace is going to be pricey.
  9. drzpilot15

    What street bike to compliment my DRZ400S?

    the one (and only) prob with the FZ1 is the R1 insurance costs! They classify them in the same category.
  10. I love the XB12. Nothing can touch it on the coolness chart. I enjoy every chance to throw my leg over one whenever the opportunity arises. The use of the 1200 motor is proof that Eric is paying close attention to what the consumers are saying. The XB9 was just as cool but seriously lacked the huevos. I was a little skeptical of the fuel and oil location for the long haul but I guess time will tell. Allthough the thundering motor gives me chills and the minimalistic design is mucho pleasing to the eyes, my $$ has to go to the Japanese. The best V-twin I have thrown my leg over has to be the SV1000 (derivitive of the tried and true TL1000) and the Honda RC-51. Though neither have the raw coolness factor of the Buell, both are proof of technologically advanced V-twin power. Now if we all just yell loud enough, maybe Eric will wise up and borrow the V-Rod powerplant for the new XB12 and REALLY kick it up a notch!!
  11. drzpilot15

    What grips do you use?

    Renthal medium compound sportbike grips.
  12. A couple of negative things about the new Buells. The tranny still shifts notchy and the heavy flywheel weight puts the power well out of the powerband between shifts. (If you ride one, you'll know what I mean.) Other than that, If you arent looking for Japanese all out performance, the Buell is a really fun ride.(especially the thunderous sound!)
  13. COOL11 send us a pic of your first stoppie!
  14. drzpilot15

    Here is your typical quad driver.

    Ahhh....mud puddles. Nothing like smelling like a turd after splashing thru sewage all day.
  15. last time I spoke with Cassons, I think the conversion from AUD to USD was 2-1, or close to it. That makes the softail $12,125.00. D@mn! go figure. gotta buy an american bike overseas to get a good price!