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  1. I’m not sure pictures would be helpful. If there isn’t enough room to put two nuts on it I’d say a stud extractor would be your best bet.
  2. I’d assume the studs are threaded in. If you can pull one stud it should come off. Just be sure there aren’t any hidden hangers or bolts still holding it on.
  3. The old trucks do have heated seats if they are the vinyl and it’s July. I pulled my 85 out of the shop for the first time with its new power plant. I was so happy I couldn’t stand it. I was far more excited about that than when I bought my 06 ranger after I graduated high school.
  4. I’ve got a 92 ranger 2.3 5 speed it won’t die from all I can gather from the 2 previous owners it’s got either 290 or 390k on it although I don’t take it far from home. my newer truck sits most of the time I’ve also got a 85 f150 with about 90k on it the engine was knocking so I rebuilt another one ditched the C6 for a 5 speed I plan to put at least 300k on the new engine. When that one is done I’ll throw another in and keep going. I’m much more comfortable in older vehicles. My wife doesn’t understand but she doesn’t say anything.
  5. Loosen the pinch bolt on the upper clamp. It’s probably putting pressure on it.
  6. Looking into the liquid nitrogen it is pretty expensive the container alone to store it is around 3-400 bucks. I know where I could get some but I doubt you want that on your strawberries for what it’s been storing.
  7. If your serious let me know. I might could even hook you up on some berries that are a little too ripe and have some bruised places on them for cheaper and they are great for jam. That’s mostly what we eat. Nothing wrong with them just can’t put them in a basket to set out and sell and put my name on them. I thought I had a market for them for a company that packaged them frozen for smoothies but I’ve never heard back I’m guessing they couldn’t get up and going.
  8. Best way I can figure is frozen but that isn’t great for them probably still better than the ones you get from the store I had a dozen people talking shit about my competition. Got some good advertising going out tomorrow. My wife’s principal bought a bunch to give out for teacher appreciation week. The variety I grow is more of a fresh market berry they don’t have the shelf life of some of the different varieties but they are red all the way to the center and nothing comes close in flavor. The ones you get at the store just look like strawberries. If it stays this cool we’re going to have a long season.
  9. I like them for about a week. After a month I don’t want to smell them for a while
  10. It’s that time of year again. Also been building an engine for my old truck.
  11. I've been watching some videos on 2 gun matches it looks really fun unfortunately no one puts one on around me and I work entirely too much to go to them. Although recently I've had the strong urge to build an ak from a receiver flat. Also have been wanting to throw a better barrel on my 308.
  12. It's great your doing good but don't get ahead of yourself on those blood thinners you might not have problems now but if you don't keep it in mind and get hurt it could be big problems.
  13. His old lady left her purse out and he went through it and found them a little different than he remembered Don't think I'm an ass guru Knows I'm praying for him.
  14. I had bfg ko2's on my ranger I liked them ok but they sucked in the greasy clay mud we have in nc. I switched to kumho road ventures at51 and they out perform the bfg's at half the price and lasted 20k longer than the bfg's. I'm on my 3rd set between 2 trucks and have been very happy.
  15. I could hook you up but I'm not sure how many times you'd have to bend over for the shipping.
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