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    Kennedy Meadow's update

    Next time I'm definetly going to Troy Meadows & fish creek for a starting point. I'll be putting on my dual sport kit next week.
  2. Greg_Shaw

    Kennedy Meadow's update

    I stayed at my trailer located on Hwy 178 near the Chimney Peak turn off . We rode up the Trail starting from just North of Kernville up to a quasi bailout Schaffer Mtn cutoff. From there it was still 10 more Miles. I have rode the Malcolm Smith Invitational (Soboba) 2X & my riding partners have a combined 8 rides. & this was much more difficult. I don't know its any better starting from Trail End up North & riding south along the Rincon trail. Sheeet there is 1 Rocky !~@#$% uphill that at least 1/2 mile long, I Picked up drug & pushed that fat thing I call a dirtbike, any heavier & I'll put a Ford blue oval emblem on the front number plate. I'll have just as much luck pushing a truck up that hill at 8000 ft. of elevation.
  3. Greg_Shaw

    Kennedy Meadow's update

    Whew... Rode This past weekend, Friday we rode the Rattlesnake trail from Cannell Meadows trailhead near Kernville, The thing that upsets me is the map I bought from the ranger station 6 mo. ago shows interconnecting trails at the top of the trail. Only to disconver when we get there the trail is there but it is marked "No Motorcycles". The trailhead indicates its a motorcycle trail & the trail number did not change. Enough whinning, rode Sat. on the Rincon Trail, damn tough trail, definetly advanced (A+) alot of 2 footing, pushing & swearing. Trail looked liked it had not been ridden in a long time. Has anyone ever ridden the trail from north down to south. From the south side to the cattle bridge it was excellent, from there on the whells came off my wagon... bailed at the Schaffer Mtn. cutoff after 6 hrs...
  4. Greg_Shaw

    I am encouraged

    Write letter's attend meetings & join the Blue Ribbon Coalition.
  5. Thanks for the Links & update. This is great news, I will now install my dual sport kit w/o worrying about fear of tickets / hassles.
  6. Greg_Shaw

    Anyone riding Kennedy Meadows this weekend

    My WR is green stickered (99), I just received some info I requested from the Forest Service. Now I find out you cannot ride on class 3 dirt roads w/o a liscense plate. When I checked all the forest service trail maps there is no indication of "Class 3" diret road. I called the forest service at the Cannel station & she said anything on the map with double dashes is closed to off road bikes. 2 weeks ago I checked the Chimney Creek road from my property & it NOT posted "No OHV vehicles". When I asked the forest service if the maps are not marked & the road not posted how is anyone to know if its legal...She said you just have to know AAAUUUGGGHHH. Now I have to drive my truck 45 minutes - 1 hour to the single track trail head. Has anyone been hassled for riding on the 4x4 dirt roads. I would dual sport my WR (I allready have the kit) but now with the gas tank hassles at Alamo Mtn. its not worth it.
  7. Greg_Shaw

    Anyone riding Kennedy Meadows this weekend

    Trees, rocks creeks, climate change from Desert to extreme elevation. My friend has rode the Idaho 100 2X (ISDE qualifier last year) & said this is the best riding short of Idaho.
  8. I'll B riding Kennedy Meadows this Friday & Sat. for the first time this weekend with 4 friends. I'm looking for any TT's to possibly hook up with. I have private property 15 miles from Kennedy Meadows that we will be staying at.
  9. Greg_Shaw

    Heat Shield for Big Gun?

    My old XR400 came with a parts box including a muffler for an ATC 70, I cut & re-shaped the heat gaurd & re welded the threaded insert's to the pipe, looks pretty sano. I torched 2 sets of leathers before I modified a heat shield. I dont know how to post pictures here, if you want I can email you the pics
  10. Greg_Shaw

    Exhaust system endorsements

    I have the Big Gun header / muffler, sound is rated with the quiet core & 1 1/2 end cap @ 97-98dB. I have dealt with them 2X & their service was great. The tapered head pipe clears the petcock on my IMS tank. I know they are a little pricy but their craftmanship is excellent & extremely durable.
  11. Greg_Shaw

    Kennedy Meadows help

    I can borrow a GPS...
  12. Greg_Shaw

    Kennedy Meadows help

    I'll be riding Kennedy Meadows for the first time on June 28. I'm looking for any reccomended trails start stop, or what to avoid. I'm starting the ride from HWY 178 at Chimney peak 15 miles from Kennedy Meadows ( I have property there) I have ridden to Kennedy but never the awesome single track trails, I also have the Forest Service trail map indicating the trail #'s
  13. Done...#5859 everyone should submit a response, & join the Blue Ribbon Coalition
  14. Greg_Shaw

    post ACL/knee sugery advice

    i had the Patella Tendon surgury 3 years ago for a completly torn ACL. They imobilzed my knee for the first week. Now the strap you to a machine that excersizes your knne/leg the very next day. This prevents atrophy. Speaking of which take your Physical Therapy seriously... You will be riding sooner & healthier. I had Surgery in August & was riding in March. Problem is they wouldn't pay for a brace eeven though I ride, surf & rockclimb and these were not enough high impact to warrant a brace. Said my recovery didn't warrant it since I was in great shape. 2 ride's I re-injured the knee but not seriously, just strained. Know I have a CTI2 & would not ride w/o one. Demand the doctor order you a brace, it may save you another hospital visit. Good luck on the rehab, keep alot of ice handy
  15. Greg_Shaw

    TT Graphic rough draft

    Great job Ben.... You cannot please everyone if you try nothing will get finished. My 1 cent... not busy enough, less yellow, more silver and add white on the shroud. If you decide for Yamaha approval I also live close by & can drop them off.....