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  1. carlgustav

    XRSOnly Reverse megaphone race pipe for 650R

    I have the full system shown here on my bike, T4 can/pipes, along with the dreaded (by many, but not by me) Edelbrock Quicksilver pumper carb. The set up has worked well from ~600ft above sea level up to ~13000ft. ACE
  2. carlgustav

    The "XR's are too heavy" Myth.

    Just got back from a week in the Rockies (Silverton area) with my XRR. My riding buddies were on lighter bikes (CRF250/KDX220). Being new to off-road riding, and being up at 11K to 13K feet, I struggled a bit, quite a bit. So they helped by letting me spend some time on their lighter bikes each day. They both commented on the 'cadillac' like ride quality of the XRR when they rode her. I only fell once but picking her up at altitude was a challenge. Slow relaxed riding was our goal & I stuck to that idea religiously . If doing this again, I would change from 14/48 to 14/51 or 14/54. It seemed like her weight and 'tall' gearing made me feel that she would 'run away' going down hills. To the poster who gave an age of 74 ... bravo ACE
  3. carlgustav

    01 xr650r spark question

    Hi, My R recently became very hard to start, and now won't start at all. I pulled the plug, grounded, and kicked her over to see if I have good spark. I don't appear to. The spark, when it shows up, appears weak. Shouldn't the spark show up on a regular (once every so many turns) basis? Sometimes I don't see a spark for many kicks, then it may show up for a few kicks in a row. Puzzling? Any ideas? TIA, ACE
  4. carlgustav

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    You know, that area just north of Austria ...
  5. carlgustav

    how fast can a honda xr650l go ?

    Maybe as fast as this KLR: Modified, 115+ from standing start in one mile ... But, probably not ... ACE
  6. carlgustav

    Wheelie question

    Let's not forget the similar scene in American Graffiti ... ACE
  7. carlgustav

    Best? radiators ...

    So, related to my earlier post about my XRR rad. leak, what would be the suggested replacement radiators if I don't want get the rad. just repaired? I like to use broken parts as an excuse to upgrade from stock when I can afford to ... ACE
  8. carlgustav

    650R cooling system woes ...

    To start with, I found my baby fell victim to an expected woe, the t-stat failure .... So I picked up a Duralast 15848 t-stat at Autozone as it was readily available where a suggested 13848 Carquest part was not. This required minor mods to fit ... . Filled the system & lo/behold, I apparently have a leak in the core of the RH radiator. This is unexpected, do these babies self-destruct? I've only had water + Amsoil Coolant boost in her for quite a while now as she's run at the track in SM mode. There's a bunch of white 'grit' in the system so maybe oxidation of AL has caused a problem? Looking into flushing the system & getting a new radiator ... PIA though ... ACE
  9. carlgustav

    Wheelie question

    Actually, WRT applying pressure to the rear brake to help with a wheelie, there may be something to that. Think of funny moments in the movies where a car is secretly chained to a post, & when the driver blasts off, the chain pulls tight, & the front end of the car jumps up in the air. I'm thinking same principle here ... of course, I'm no physics major ... ACE
  10. carlgustav

    Rim locks, yea or nay?

    I agree about front brake usage ... I ride this BRP at track days in SM mode equipped with a Braking systems 320mm front brake ... one finger stopping power ... my 'trail' wheel also uses a 320mm rotor with the same caliper, so I'm guessing that a front rim lock is going to be a 'must' ... ACE
  11. carlgustav

    Rim locks, yea or nay?

    Ok, slight diversion in thought, I see a lot of mention of Tubliss, here & elsewhere. Are they really worth the ~$90/wheel? They must be a heck of a lot better than the tube/rim lock combo? I looked at the website & they do look interesting ... ACE
  12. carlgustav

    Rim locks, yea or nay?

    @JTucker ... well, ability is a rather big issue ... however, considering the responses so far I think I'll go ahead and use them. Thx folks . ACE
  13. So here are the specifics to go with the question. I have an '01 XR650R. I've played with her in SM mode, & I'd like to try some off-road riding. I've heard that expert MXers can ride an XRR on technical trails ... I'm not an that guy, I'm no expert, I have little dirt experience. So, just some mild 'adventure' riding for me. The bike came with the trail wheels on which I put Michelin T-63s. I picked up rim locks b/c the wheels had spots for them, and what the hell do I know, seemed like a good idea. They're not installed yet. Anyway, I've been advised by more than one XRL/KLR riding types that I should not bother with them for the type of off-roading an XRR is good for. Also, I've been advised that running the kinds of low pressures requiring rim locks will introduce me to many flat tire adventures in the boondocks. What do y'all dirt types think? TIA ACE
  14. carlgustav

    Reverse shifting (MotoGp shift)

    Thanx. I think I'll try that trick as well. It sounds reasonable to me ... Only problem for me with that trick is that while my Aprilia is a full crouch, my VFR has handlebar risers & I sit more upright ... ACE
  15. carlgustav

    Reverse shifting (MotoGp shift)

    Granted ... but I still wonder how DD dealt with the back/forth of differing shift patterns. Although from further reading, it appears that most folks just work with it, thx. ACE