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  1. ERIO

    Bottle Jack

    That’s been resolved. Go to Harbor Freight and buy a replacement jack. Now back to SurferDude stories. Can’t wait to hear the one about this one time at bandcamp... [emoji14]
  2. ERIO

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Um. Thats a 350. It is a 4t.
  3. ERIO

    Gold Note - Saturday 12/15

    Well I have never been to Goldnote. But there is no way that it is SpongeBob friendly and Eldo worthy.
  4. ERIO

    Random Music Thread

    I agree. One more &%$#@!ing Rolling Stones song and I’ll stick a knitting needle in my ear.
  5. ERIO

    Snow Report

    Somewhere else
  6. Sounds like you’re describing squid 🦑 [emoji23]
  7. ERIO

    TT Ride days redux _ the return of Skipper

    Well I’ve had my suspicions for a while. I was going buy you guys 23AndMe for Christmas
  8. ERIO

    frank c the big bob of murrieta

  9. ERIO

    CCMA recreation.gov - rock hounding acccess

    Hey he is ignoring us, we can post boobie pics again and not get reported.
  10. ERIO

    CCMA recreation.gov - rock hounding acccess

    When you start surfing, you learn two rules right away. They are basically the same two rules as Fight Club. Rule 1- keep your mouth shut. Rule 2 - keep your &%$#@!ing mouth shut. If you “discover “ a good spot you keep your mouth shut or else it gets overrun with kooks. If you have a buddy that cleans pools in an exclusive neighborhood and he gives you the gate code so you can surf a restricted beach, guess what. STFU! Luckily in surfing we have locals and enforcers that deal with people who don’t learn rule 1&2.
  11. ERIO

    CCMA recreation.gov - rock hounding acccess

    Yeah go for it Bob- you have the perfect plan: Step 1 - figure out how to ride in a closed area Step 2 - divulge your plan on the internet Step 3- obtain a permit from a federal agency using all your personal data- Step 4 - use the permit and tell the federal agency the exact date you will be there.
  12. ERIO

    CCMA recreation.gov - rock hounding acccess

    While your there puttering around, see if you can find any sepentine/asbestos rocks. That’s the whole reason they shut the place down right? Bet you won’t find any