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  1. ERIO

    Plan for the best. Prepare for the worst

  2. ERIO

    NorCal riding near Tahoe

    Good track in Fallon right?
  3. ERIO

    1/27/19 KTM Demo Day - Hollister Hills SRVA

    MFer! Thanks Brian. I want a new bike and I don’t need that temptation. I went to the ALTA demo day last spring.
  4. Legend in his own mind
  5. ERIO

    Gem and mineral collecting

    Had a FABULOUS day out looking at big hard Rocks. Time to put my feet up and pop open a cold Zima.
  6. Ask[mention=66816]babyarmholdingapple[/mention] He has photos.
  7. ERIO

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Ha! He said he couldn’t ride this weekend because he had send his pipe out to get repaired. I’m starting to think it wasn’t his KTM 300 pipe.
  8. ERIO

    suggestions for a new TT display name

    Kid yes but not always happy. I witnessed a big tantrum about 3 miles into a ride.
  9. ERIO

    suggestions for a new TT display name

    Honestly, I don’t want to pick either one
  10. ERIO

    Georgetown Saturday 1/12

    You might be ok
  11. ERIO

    Georgetown Saturday 1/12

    Pinenuts would be a good call. I can’t make the drive this weekend. Maybe next week?
  12. ERIO

    Georgetown Saturday 1/12

    Can’t ride Sunday. I have a photo shoot for my newest Kats-n-Kayaks calendar
  13. ERIO

    Georgetown Saturday 1/12

    Weather looks clear. Hopefully they will open it up? Anyone riding?
  14. ERIO

    suggestions for a new TT display name

    PrairieCityCommander CreepyMustache CookieDuster DickBroom CatCommander Spongebob