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  1. Maddog542


    I use the ZipTy Waterless Coolant made by Evans and I don't have the boil over problems any longer.
  2. Maddog542

    Thanksgiving at Foresthill

    Bob, We were wishing we had a good knowledgable guide such as yourself, but I made out OK for only my 2nd time there. Our timing was ideal. My lazy A@# kid brother wanted to sleep in which would have really bit us. I can;t imagine finding Foresthill any better than we did yesterday morning before the rain. (Excluding the one greasy corner that put me down at about 40 mph! ) Dan, I took ZEKEDAWG up there last weekend and inducted him through a secret blood oath and ritual. He likes the spot also. I'll gladly take you and Dave and Eric also. We need to do it before it snows real bad. I cannot go next weekend though, as I'm helping my folks rennovate a rental house. ZEKEDAWG and I rode some pretty brutal stuff up there last week, but there is terrain that almost anyone can be comfortable with.
  3. Maddog542

    Thanksgiving at Foresthill

    We had a real nice ride at Foresthill this morning. We put down about 35 miles, came in for a break and went back out. While we were a good distance from anywhere out on Loop 2, the rain came pouring down heavy. We made our way back to the truck slipping and sliding the whole way, wet but safe. Overall we did 52 miles, and had a good time, but I would bet it will be a little while until things get as good as they were early this morning with the added moisture.
  4. Maddog542

    I need to ride.

    I took ZEKEDAWG out to the undisclosed location from now on known as GRAPHIC early this morning. We rode a wide variety of terrain, and even pioneered some virgin ground that is now "single track" for the lucky few who will find it. A good time was had by both of us. Not for the faint at heart and by invite only............ GRAPHIC!
  5. Maddog542

    '05 WR450 Tuning - Uncorking, Jetting

    I was able to get away with all of the other mods with stock jetting UNTIL.... I opened the airbox up. That one will likely give you the bog from hell. Leave it alone until you're ready to rejet would be my suggestion. JD advised me to raise the stock needle 1 position, and jet 2 sizes higher for the airbox mod. I did this and the bike runs great. I'm not sure what you do on the 2005 if the needle is not adjustable, but it will likely take 2 sizes up on the main jet.
  6. Maddog542

    Where is everyone going for Turkey-Day??

    I plan on riding Foresthill Thursday morning.
  7. Maddog542

    Have you checked your oil strainer lately?

    I've never even bothered to check mine. I figured if something made it past that mesh screen that the oil filter would get it for sure. I think you'd have to pour sand in the oil fill in order to get enough garbage in the system to plug that screen.
  8. I sure don't want to detract from KTM's and I have never owned one either. I can say though that the WR is a pleasure to own and ride, and it seems like they just keep on going with very little maintenance other than oil changes. Lots to be said for reliability.
  9. Maddog542

    Stonyford 10/25 or 10/26?

    No Can Do Man. Ya got PM.
  10. Maddog542

    Stonyford 10/25 or 10/26?

    I'd like to ride Stonyford tomorrow, Thursday the 27th if anyone's interested.
  11. Maddog542

    Thursday Oct. 21st

    You got PM Dan.
  12. Maddog542

    Thursday Oct. 21st

    Looks like the place is shutting down with houses being built nearby.
  13. Maddog542

    Thursday Oct. 21st

    Me and a friend are going to hit the a Top Secret area around noon. Anyone else interested? The place should be awesome with all the dust knocked down. The last time I was there the place seriously kicked me and my bike's a$$. Not for the faint at heart.
  14. Maddog542

    Is Stonyford Smokey??

    Nah, I went through Willows yeaterday, it's good up here as compared to Sacramento. I was in Sac and Placer Counties yesterday and it was pretty severe.
  15. Maddog542

    Stonyford Experience

    Exactly! Too slow and you either get a bunch of slip and drop it, or you hook up hard and she bucks you off like LITTLE YELLOW JACKET (2 Time PBR Bull of the Year) right over the back fender . I've learned to just blaze up this stuff faster than you'd really like to, or you just won't make it up. In the desert down south, I rode hillclimbs that were much bigger than the ones up here, but they were consistent, all sand and you just blaze right up them pinned. Up here, the shale, switchback effect, boulders, ruts, and every other unholy thing that one could imagine, present some mighty challenging hillclimbs.