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  1. bmxr

    SM Racing Bulgarian Style

    In the US we typically can't even get enough guys together to rent a kart track. That track will NEVER happen here.
  2. bmxr

    Getting a 110

    Any suggestions for what he should do if he wants to road race? What about supermoto? Wait, he didn't ask about that either... Never mind!
  3. If you compare apples to apples, and look at motors used on the same track, the mx motor will take way more maintenance than the street bike motor. Anyway, the difference between a sport bike and mx motor comes from the fact that they cut weight at the expense of durability. The stiffness of the cases, the strength of the rotating assembly, oil capacity, the lack of a counterbalancer (on most), the size of the bearings... and this works because of the fact that the marketplace does not EXPECT a warranty with their mx motor. People EXPECT to have to buy top ends and valves for their CRF. How many CBR1000's do you think they would sell if they had NO warranty and Honda told you to expect to buy piston kits every 45 hours of use? Superbike race motors are modified to bring the sportbike closer to optimum performance, like the mx motor, and those need a teardown every few hundred miles. But if you are talking about a stock sport bike motor, you can usually race them for years without a full rebuild (except for maybe some of the newer bikes with stock ti valves). Then again, a light sportbike weighs 440 pounds full of gas... btw-running the motor through the gears whether in sand or on pavement does not wear an engine out. Holding it pinned lap after lap does, if you rev it higher than what it's designed to withstand. Again, mx motor is designed to tolerate blasts through the gears to redline, but there are no long straights in mx. This is why the (relatively) fragile nature of these motors is so evident road racing.
  4. bmxr

    Aprilia SXV vs anything else

    Well, I'm going to go ahead and disagree with you too, and I have ridden both... To a great extent, which one is better comes down to personal preference. What you wrote are statements of fact which I don't think you can support with anything more than the excited boasting of an (understandably) proud owner. Out of the box, the Aprilia is quite a bit heavier, has much softer suspension, lacks a kick start and a sixth gear, is much more expensive to maintain (twice as many top ends to replace), harder to work on, has glitchy fuel injection, and a pretty spotty reputation for mechanical gremlins. In the plus column it is very fast and smooth, sounds great with a pipe, has separate gearbox and engine oil, and there are more Aprilia dealers out there where you can go look for starters and such when you need them...
  5. bmxr

    My drz110

    Looks great!
  6. bmxr

    What is the ULTIMATE Supermoto ?

    http://supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?t=8158 In a vaccuum I would like the DRZ-sm, but not when you can get a like-new used 625SMC for what a new DRZ-SM costs. The KTM is better in every way (IMO ).
  7. If all the parts are new and un-lubricated, that sounds pretty normal.
  8. bmxr

    KTM 85/105sx motard

    A lot of the SEMRA guys swear by 12's on their big mini's. I don't like them, but what do I know. I like the way 17's feel. Also, 12's are definitely not too good if you run an actual dirt section. The 16's that KTM sells are because apparently there are a number of 16" tires available in Europe. Obviously that is not the case in the US. I would go with 17's all the way. 2.5x17 front and 3.5x17 rear with 125GP rubber. But that's just me. Just make sure the 3.5 rear will fit. If not a 2.5 will fo sho.
  9. bmxr

    Help me go Motard - KTM 105sx

    Boy, is that going to be fun on 17's!
  10. bmxr

    Backin it IN - THRU and OUT of EVERY turn

    That was pretty cool. Great picture quality even...
  11. We (Americans) are a childish bunch, eh?
  12. bmxr

    Looking for riders in South Florida

    Cripes, that was two years ago! BTW-The track in Hialeah is still on for Sat nights and Moroso is running two wheels on Friday nights too.
  13. Be careful, as you will never get them up to temp. Leaving your neighborhood on cold slicks has been known to put a few guys on the deck...
  14. bmxr

    How is Jennings for supermoto?

    http://www.jenningsgp.com/location.htm "Directions 20 miles south of Valdosta GA, 40 miles north of Lake City, FL. Exit 467, (old 87). On I-75 in Florida Take CR.143 South 3 miles. Turn right at caution light CR 152. Go 3/10’s of a mile turn right at JENNINGSGP."
  15. bmxr

    Gear Ratios for KTM 625 with "17 wheels

    The 2004 625 SMC came with 16-38 and the 2005-2006 came with 17-40. 16-40 or 15-38 would be a good compromise for fun on the street without making it impossible to ride on the highway. Some will say shorter, more mx-style gearing is better, but with that gearing I did not use first gear on our tight kart track, so I think it's plenty short. Besides, that motor's not a revver and shifting more isn't faster. Just let it chug