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  1. Looking for recommendations for a turnkey front fork modification. The stock forks are very marginal. I'm 68, 5'10 210# with riding equipment on. Ride hard but certainly not as fast as 30 years ago. I want to ship them off and have a pro set them up. Does anyone know whether a swap with an XR200 forks is a bolt on? Advice appreciated. Thanks David
  2. cycletrader2

    1982 XR200R dual sport conversion?

    Great story from another Honda XR believer. It is just a super little bike that will do everything called upon, albeit a lot slower. I rode one for years in our Colorado trail adventures, simple and bulletproof. I took an Honda XL185 out to Colorado last year as a backup to my DRZ400. I had to ride the Honda back out when the rider got hurt, and once again realized how great a bike it was. I didn't even have to rejet it at 11,000 feet. Now now I have its successor a street legal CRF230L. Forks and Shocks are not as good as my old XR200, (I am looking for a turn key suspension place to send the forks) but the magic button street legal personna is everything this 68 year old guy could want. David www.classicjapanesemotorcycles.com
  3. Everyone knows the stock CRF200L forks are lousy. Has anyone tried swapping them out for XL200 forks? Thanks David
  4. My bike from day 1 has the terrible bogging/dying problem at a full throttle that apparently everyone else has had. It has been cleaned well. It didn't make any difference. I have a chance to buy a used 2006 DRZ400SM carb for $200. By 2006 had they put a different carb on the DRZ400SM?. One that hopefully works? Has anyone tried that carb swap, Would it be a bolt on? What about the electrical connection to the carb. Any thoughts about any modification would be appreciated. Thanks David