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  1. You have a problem my friend.
  2. You can have a bike that weighs 250 pounds without your friends making fun of you
  3. Just thought we should make a list.
  4. Randel84

    Seat cleaning

    You only make that mistake once.
  5. Randel84

    Seat cleaning

    It is a blue gripper seat. Will the magic eraser leave white marks?
  6. Randel84

    Seat cleaning

    I tried dawn and a toothbrush. It helped some, but there are still dark marks where the oil was
  7. Randel84

    Seat cleaning

    Does anyone know a good product or method for cleaning dirt bike seats? I wasn't thinking and while I was working on my bike touched the seat, leaving oil prints on it. I tried to clean it with some universal vinyl cleaner but did have much luck. Surely someone on here knows of a better way to clean it, without having to buy a new cover. Any suggestions appreciated.
  8. Randel84

    2006 crf250r Valve Problems?

    I am considering trading my 2008 crf 150rb for a 2006 crf 250r with a long list of mods. I was doing my research and saw that the 06's had valve issues. But you can google just about any bike and find people saying they have a ton of problems with them. Im trying to get the opinions of people who have actually owned or had experience with this bike. It looks badass I would love to own it. I just dont want to get a bike that's gonna be a headache.
  9. Randel84

    painting hubs/rims

    Looks sweet, but is it really worth relasing your wheel?
  10. Randel84

    Any James Stewart fans?

    If he could finish a race without crashing he might be a contender
  11. Randel84

    New plastics on an old bike?

    Would the newer rear fenders fit?
  12. Randel84

    Pros and Cons

    It comes with an outerwear cover. Would going through mud and small puddles cause any problems?
  13. Randel84

    Pros and Cons

    I have a 2008 outlaw 450 and as anyone who has ever owned one knows, they have the worst air intake systems ever made. So I recently purchased a vortex air filter thats supposed to increase airflow by 30%. It came with instructions for installation with or without the airbox and I was wondering the pros and cons of removing the airbox. To make the new filter fit with the airbox, I will have to cut a hole in it. So running an open air filter would definitely be the easier route. Im still trying to decide what i want to do so any advice would be appreciated.
  14. I recently got a 2001 yz 125 and its not exactly the prettiest bike in the world. I was looking around and i saw some bikes the same year model that had the newer style plastics. I was wondering if the newer style plastics would just bolt on in the original holes, or if you would have to do some modifications to make it fit?