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  1. adam8781

    ANYONE yz250 Swing arm swap PLEASE HELP

    so it is possible to use the yz250 rear hub with some modification? what about different bearings to make up the size difference?
  2. adam8781

    Fox Instinct boot

    will never buy them again. they are very comfortable, but honestly they offer no ankle protection, after a few rides on new boots you can bend the toes into the shin just holding the boot in your hand. where is the protection? to many guys in our group have hurt themselves in those boots, latest being a broken ankle and heel. tech 10s for me now
  3. hey i picked up a 2010 crf450, pretty low hours for how old it is, still has original front tire, plastics, graphics, chain and sprockets. it ran fine, than it started to bog out sputter and backfire, it died. now it shows no sign of life, i checked vavles, cam timing everything is fine,. The efi light on the kill switch doesnt light up when kicking it over, If i remember correctly it used to? My thoughts were the fuel pump went or the filter is clogged, but could it be the stator? any help would be very appretiated!
  4. adam8781

    Wheel bearing puller

    i use a Punch, i have bearing pullers but never use them on wheels
  5. adam8781

    2012 KX450 Interesting piston marks...

    Thats a bit different. few thins it could be. Crank play allowing the piston to drop to low poorly cast stock piston (never seen that before tho) the piston has become so worn it is rocking front to back in the bore making contact with the crank. Be crazy to not replace crankshaft crankshaft bearings cam chain piston kit I would also suggest new valves. I just built a 12 kx450f from scratch for a customer with all the parts I just listed plus new valves and a 490 big bore and tokyo mods remap. It has alot of hours and the valves tested very poorly with a leak down test even though it ran quite well. check out the build if you like @403mx thing is a FRIKEN MONSTER now
  6. adam8781

    08 kx450f vs 09

    or anything smaller than a B cup :lol: just teasing
  7. adam8781

    08 kx450f vs 09

    30lbs is alot in drag race and yes efi is that good
  8. Ok, i built I kx450f for a customer, 2012, before I took it apart it ran but had a hard spot in the kick start stroke right at top dead center, push past it and it runs great once it fires up now new parts crankshaft crank bearings 490 big bore cam chain new valves (and valve seats) tokyo mods ignition remap It runs great, things a beast with a snowbike kit on it, but It still has that hard spot in the kicker. at tdc compression stroke, Ive checked the cam timing 10 times its bang on, valve clearances are perfect, auto decompession works just fine and springs back. to me it feels like the timing is wrong but i cant find anything when its apart. i build ALOT of motors ive never had this happen. I was going to try tightening up the exhaust valve with the auto decompression but he took the bike on a trip to revy before I could change anyting else. since it was doing this when he dropped it off he insists its normal and didnt want to give me time to mess with it further. cheers adam
  9. adam8781

    2008 yz250f carburetor question

    few pumps of throttle when cold will help get it going, it sprays fuel via accelerator pump into the motor. follow the hose, which one is it? here is a drain screw on one of the hoses for the bowl if its lose it will drip. if its not the drain hose than you need to rebuild the carb with a new float needle valve.
  10. they will move around and cause of bucket wear, using them is a very bad idea.
  11. adam8781

    Eric Gorr engine rebuilding

    send it to me his work is fantastic but now and again his quality control falls off the map. He is now on his own separate from I run a Mx shop in alberta, check out my instagram page, @403mx I've had a few motors come up from the states for full builds, our $ is so weak its a great deal for americans lol. if not gorr does great work, Just takes a while toget around to it at times.
  12. adam8781

    Base gasket thickness

    works great ive one this, Expect a jump in compression and pump fuel will make that motor slightly nervous. Im at 3000ft with good clean ethanol free 91 i mix a splash of c12 with as a safety net.
  13. adam8781

    Yz250 fouling plugs

    what year yz250? google rb designs head mod and get your head setup properly, the stock head has a very in efficient burn that on a trail bike will give you problems like yours all day long. also what jetting are you running?
  14. adam8781

    Where to get FOX instinct re-soled inside Canada?

    Mine are so soft after 6 months of use they aren't even safe, if you are anything more than an off-roader I suggest not use it then
  15. adam8781

    Yz250 hot rods countershaft bearings

    you can pull the seals off all of them. they dont do anything