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  1. suzuki-ds80

    Top speed on Honda Xr100

    I took my bike down a tooth in the front and I use it in the woods and down the road. I can keep up with cars going 50mph. I rejeted the carb, advanced ignition timing, run ethanol free premium gas, put a really nice exhaust tip in (it looks the same style as the spark arestor but with much bigger pipe and no screen, its not just a for looks open tip it has like a 4 inch long pipe on the inside that's as big as will fit. Sounds like a 450), but a rev box on, clean air filter, NGK racing spark plug cable, valves adjusted correctly. It's screaming following a car at 50mph but that's only for getting to my friends house where I ride then I take it through ponds and over logs. I just rode it yesterday in the snow and kept in in 4th and even starting off in 4th on snow where the tire can slip is no big deal. I'm 6 feet 130lb
  2. Just out of the blue I was wondering how the clutch works on these Honda motors. My kawi bayou 400 has a go-cart like slipper clutch that drives a regular steel/fiber clutch that releases for shifting. On the little Honda motors looks like they only use one clutch for shifting and slipping (like a go-cart clutch). I have always wondered how it works lol!
  3. suzuki-ds80

    what is this

    When I was 10 years old my grandpa bought a china 110cc quad for me to ride when I come over. I went to change the oil at age 10 (not even near my first time lol) but it had the china copy of a Honda and I pulled that plug out and I was not strong enough to put it back in so I left it out thinking it was for the shifter. Started it up and it was ticking but it still shifted so that's the way it stayed lol! That sound must have been the cam chain lol, I thought it was the cone shaped thing that goes on the spring because I left that in but left the spring out.
  4. suzuki-ds80

    Kawi bayou 400 cam chain messed up!

    I'm thinking the oil pressure should be fine backside the crank rides on 3 ball bearings and so does every thing in the tranny but the cam runs in the aluminum head bare.
  5. suzuki-ds80

    Kawi bayou 400 cam chain messed up!

    Ok I have been working on my bayou and the clutch was slipping so I put the other one in (the disc/steel shift clutch) fixed that. I put my oil pressure gauge in and it runs 20psi cold at idle, 5psi hot at idle and like 25 psi revved up hot (about midrange rpm), is this ok???! I have to order another clutch cover gasket because I ripped the first one (while replacing the clutch). Please reply!!
  6. suzuki-ds80

    Kawi bayou 400 cam chain messed up!

    Well its running mint. The temp light was messed up so I tied into the reverse light so if it gets hot it will light the reverse light and I can see the bulb is still good every time I put it in reverse.
  7. suzuki-ds80

    Kawi bayou 400 cam chain messed up!

    Runs beautiful now! I'm going to order some parts and finish it up. I love the way it runs, good power, quiet, smooth, lots of low end grunt. My fan thermal switch must be shot because I let the motor get to 212 (inferred lazier) and the fan never came on. I also need a head light bulb too. I'm going to replace the worn rocker arm now that I know it runs good.
  8. suzuki-ds80

    Kawi bayou 400 cam chain messed up!

    For the end play its not that bad, I held a tape upto it and it only moves one of the little lines. I'm putting it together today so we will find out.
  9. suzuki-ds80

    Kawi bayou 400 cam chain messed up!

    nothing is bent, the crank is just sliding in the bearings.
  10. suzuki-ds80

    Kawi bayou 400 cam chain messed up!

    Ok well I got the chain but still waiting on the gasket kit. When I put in the chain I noticed excessive crank end play and a smige on up and down too. The crank kinda clunks in and out like 1/8-1/4" and my spare motor with a blown over head and striped tranny does not have near as much end play. I'm going to stick it together and see what happens I think.
  11. suzuki-ds80

    Kawi bayou 400 cam chain messed up!

    Ok well idk if anybody on here is watching but I'm putting a new chain in and having the head done, also putting in a gasket set. I'm putting a oil pressure gauge in the head oil line (its 3/16 brake line size so I'm teeing off of it with a double flare tee), I can post pictures of the completed oil pressure gauge when I'm done. The common problem with this atv is they use oil and people forget to check it and run it out and blow the over head. I will post pictures of the atv when I get a chance!
  12. suzuki-ds80

    Kawi bayou 400 cam chain messed up!

    The owner just gave it to me so yah that's sweet! I'm going to rebuild the motor and it will be all mine!
  13. suzuki-ds80

    Kawi bayou 400 cam chain messed up!

    So am I the only one on here with one of these bayou 400's?