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  1. tracey

    TTR-225 handlebars/brushguards

    I don't know who makes a bar to handle fit, but I do know that maier makes a good brushguard and they also have the dirt sheild that you can get and they bolt right to the brushguard. They seem to work really well, thats what brand I use on mine.
  2. tracey

    TTR225 float bowl

    when your bike went down the float just let in more fuel, when you got it back up the float shut off the feul but there was just excess and it had to go somewhere. not a big deal, but I would keep an eye on it for a day or two just to make sure.
  3. My buddies and me use jbweld all the time it should hold up no problem. Do to the type of metal the the engine cases are made of you can't really weld them back, it doesn't hold and the heat from the weld you usualy wind up with a bigger hole then when you started cause it kind of fatiges the the metal. That is from personal expirence.
  4. tracey

    cold natured 225

    not rally. Its just the way they are. Just start it and let it run a couple of minutes,then ride it at moderate speed to finish warming it up.
  5. tracey

    Replacing Gasket on Engine Case?

    you can, but don't use much. when you put the case halfs together you don't want it to squeeze out and get into the inside of the engine.
  6. tracey

    TTR225 air screw adjustment

    almost all of us have had to adjust it when changing the jet. turn it all the way in, and then back it out about 2.5 to 3 turns but not more than 3. if you haven't put on a new pipe I would do that to, the combination of the three really good in conjunction with each other.
  7. tracey

    TTR 230

    I'd bet he's never even rode one.
  8. tracey


    The rear sprocket on a 225 is 58 tooth, You could try going to a56 that will give you a little more speed,and might not lose to much bootom.
  9. tracey

    TTR 230

    Don't get me wrong, I think they might have tried to improve some things on it, but when they actually come out and you ride one I think they're basically gonna still be the same bike.
  10. tracey

    Blue Smoke in my TTR125L

    Maybe bad rings, but I would check to make sure you didn't over filled it. If it didn't smoke before that might be the problem just a little to much oil.
  11. tracey

    pilot jetting

    depending on what mods you did I would change the mian jet to a 132.5 before messing with the pilotjet. The try adjusting the air fuel mixture screw after you you put in the new main jet.
  12. tracey


    Yes it will affect it. Going up on the front you'll lose bottom end power.
  13. tracey

    TTR 230

    Here we go again with 230. Other than a new body styling and about 30lbs. less weight they are basicly the same. Oh yeah the cost about $3300.
  14. tracey

    lookin 4 help ( top end tourque specs)

    No prob. If you need valve clearences orsomething let me know.
  15. tracey

    lookin 4 help ( top end tourque specs)

    the cylinder bolts are 10Nm(7.2ft.lbs) the cylinder headis 22Nm(16ft.lbs)that is for the 4 bolts on the top. the 2 bolts on the back of the head are20Nm(14ft.lbs) the cam sprocket bolt is 60Nm(43ft.lbs)the cam chain tensioner bolts are10Nm(7.2ft.lbs)the cap bolt for the cam chain tensioner is 7Nm(5ft.lbs) cylinder head side cover 7Nm(5.1ftlbs) and the valve covers are10 Nm(7.2ft.lbs) Hope this helps ya out. If I missed something and you not sure when you come across it let me know and I'll find it for ya.