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  1. Hello, I moved from a 2002 CR-250 to a 2017 YZ250X last year. This bike seems to like to find neutral when shifting from 2nd to first more than I would like (usually in a spot when you need a quick downshift). Upshifts are a lot better, hitting neutral very rarely. Is this normal with the YZ’s? Thank you!
  2. Titanite

    Power valve vent hose size?

    Sorry I should have asked is the line a fuel line or very thin walled vacuum style hose?
  3. Titanite

    Power valve vent hose size?

    Tore mine off in a crash, does anyone know inside diameter? Hoping to pick up some tubing from auto shop, rather than ordering expensive yamaha part. thx!
  4. Titanite

    E-line skid plate- 2001 CR-250

    Plate is Sold thx
  5. Titanite

    Is this normal?

    Considered normal then? My Honda never had a hose off the PV so I'm in foreign territory.
  6. Titanite

    Is this normal?

    Hello Just working my way through spankys jetting tutorial and I see this greyish goop dripping out of power valve discharge hose. Anyone else have this? I also have exhaust coming out of that hose all the time is that normal? Bike is a 2017 250x Thanks!
  7. I thought the track in that particular spot was extremely hard packed dirt, not the plywood showing through?? Due to the moisture coming out of the track over the day.
  8. this there any disadvantage to just drilling and leaving the o-ring in case it leaks to stop the cartridge from cracking? Alternatively, is there an advantage to pulling top o-ring? thanks again!
  9. Titanite

    2017 250x jetting questions

    Question: Pulled carb apart last night, put in a 48 pilot (all I have right now), and needle is in position 2, so I dropped it to position 1 (clip as high as it will go). Should I just switch to the 1 leaner needle (N3CW) or try it in slot 1 on stock (N3EW?) Any issues with being in slot 1? Thx
  10. How do they not do this at the factory!? I'm re springing bike, so i'll have it apart, might as well do it while I'm in there. I'm guessing new ones are not that cheap! Thanks again!
  11. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has had their forks apart on a 2017 model bike. Does the plastic free piston still need to be drilled to eliminate the issue with it cracking if the upper seal leaks? thanks!
  12. Hello Finally got a heavier spring for bike, how much preload should a guy start with? 10mm? Then adjust sag once shock is back on bike? Thanks
  13. Titanite

    Cant find KYB 01M fork oil...

    [emoji106] thanks for the tip, cycle works close to me was the $40 special order I'll try bow! Thx!
  14. Titanite

    Cant find KYB 01M fork oil...

    Cant get S1 in Canada without special order at $40/liter. i've dug around and found Motorex 2.5 wt has very similar viscosity to the S1 fluid. i think i'll have to give that a try.
  15. Hello, Cant find any KYB 01M fork oil in Canada (Specifically Alberta). What is my 2nd best option for SSS forks? Or is KYB 01M not my first option? thx!