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  1. You got the '14?!? I knew you couldn't hold out much longer
  2. Thanks, I'll have a good read. Just one question since you said you have done multiple trips. What are some things that you don't think you would need, but turned up really important? Thanks for the help!
  3. Thanks for the help! We are not registered here, so we will spring for the California non-resident sticker, we will also be adding the spark arrestor to our stock pipes. Thanks again.
  4. Nice they are just used for tracks so far. We will both be ordering spark arrestors. Thanks guys!
  5. I am going on a road trip through Cali and was wondering what the deal is with the sticker? I have a 2013 YZ250F and bro has a '14. What do we need to to ride? Thanks.
  6. That's right, I had forgotten about that.... I'll figure out how that works! Thanks for the kind words!
  7. Hey everybody, so me and my brother are planning a road trip from Texas through New Mexico, Nevada, and finally, California. The plan is to just take a truck and bring the two bikes in the back. What are the best places to hit in California/Nevada/NM? We will ride off-road/track it doesn't matter, we just want a once in a lifetime trip that will stay with us forever. Can you suggest your favorite spots below! Thanks!
  8. That's what I was thinking, he is the only guy who will do stuff like this though. All my other friends are &%$#@! when it comes to two wheels. So maybe we'll ride MTB most of the time and I'll do some moto on my own. Still have a lot to think about.
  9. Ok guys so me and a friend were watching RedBull Rampage this past weekend and started thinking. How awesome would it be to take a trip to Utah and spread for a week or two? We just came up with the idea so here is what I got so far. We are currently living in Texas and are 17-18. We would take my truck (GMC Sierra 1500) and bring two MAYBE three bikes. He doesn't own a dirt bike but has two nice mountain bikes. I have a mountain bike and a dirtbike. We would use a pop up camper to sleep in and just hit as many riding spots as we can. Here is where it gets tricky. He doesn't own a dirtbike so could we hit the same spots him on his MTB and me on my DB or would we get upset with each other? Can we ride similar terrain? Should he buy a dirtbike or should we just go MTBing? What are the best places to ride in Utah? What should we expect to spend on a trip like this? What do we need in terms of equipment, spares, etc. thanks for reading guys. Hope you can help me out a bit.
  10. Michael Phelps had ADHD..... And he is the greatest Olympic athlete ever known, why is JS still complaining?
  11. Damn, the V10 is a nice ass bike. Sweet ride!
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